As I said in my Facebook account, there is lots of uneducated opinion concerning Pacman’s defeat in a boxing bout against Marquez. Even Mommy Dionisia is so angry against the pastors who are ministering Manny and the family.

Pacman knocked outVisit Yahoo Sports and all other forums about the fight and you will see people saying:

“Pacman lost the game because he is no longer wearing the rosary.”
“Pacman lost the game because he changed his religion.”
“Pacman lost the game because he has too many distractions, especially his religion.”

Manny Pacquiao lost the fight because it’s just time for Marquez to get it. All champions have its own defeat. Ali was not even an exemption. I think what we need to learn as Filipinos is to accept defeats when we loss the fight.

As I watched the fight, I am fully convinced that Pacman has become stronger that despite of Marquez’s huge leap in his body figure. Pacman was able to give Marquez “invincible punches” where Marquez don’t even know where it is coming from. He is about to knock out Marquez and Marquez’s only choice is to knock out Pacman first, and he did it in the last second of the round.

It took Marquez 7 years and 4 bouts to get this victory. It’s a swift victory in deed. Congrats El Dinamita!

Pacman’s Victory

Nearly all people around the globe perceive Pacman as a loser. However, I see it as a victory over his spiritual life. All Filipinos know that he is a hard core Catholic who kneels and pray, bring the rosary and do the sign of the cross before every fight. But this time, he did not bring the rosary, nor did the sign of the cross, but he prayed.

Manny knows that if he does this, most Catholics will be skeptic against his strengthened faith. It is a faith that is focused on God and God alone. It is the “Biblical Faith”, the kind of faith that is taught in the Bible.

He knows that his mom will get angry, people will criticize him for doing so, and all the more if he will be defeated. And just like any other Christian who accepted the Lord Jesus as personal Lord and Savior, the people who are supposed to lift him up, dragged him down criticizing his Biblical faith.

Pacman has become victorious in doing what Biblical and doing what God wants even if most people find it unacceptable. It is my prayer that all Christians will take Manny’s example of not being afraid to show to the world that he love God, and God alone.

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