Today, I want to give to you free tips where you can get totally FREE Bible Softwares and PAID Bible softwares that is worth your every penny.

Probably you already know some few things about Bible Softwares but you are having difficulties where to get it for FREE. No worry, this post is all about Bible Softwares.

Before going to my personal recommended websites for FREE Bible Softwares, I want to make a point first. I want you to know that most FREE Bible softwares that you can find over the net are not that excellent. Some are difficult to use and some are even more buggy.

Paid Bible Softwares on the other hand are quite expensive depending on how huge the content is. But in exchange, you will get a full tech support, ease of use, and an excellent experience of using the Bible Software Library.

Now, let’s go to the links:

The Top 3 FREE Bible Softwares

  1. E-sword ( – Above all other FREE Bible Softwares, I highly recommend this. I have personally used this for several years now. It is easy to use, and very easy to install. The only downside is that some of the most famous Bible versions are not free like NIV and NKJV. You can install this in Windows and Mac. For those who are using Linux like Ubuntu, please see my tech blog for instructions in your installation. CLICK HERE for instructions.
  2. Bible Time ( – Bible Time is a good software. It also contains a large amount of Bibles and Books. It also has a collection of Bibles in different dialects. It has a user-friendly interface and was adopted by Linux operating systems. It is the prominent Open Source Bible Software that Ubuntu Linux is using. The downside, some of their Bibles contain some typographical errors and looks like manually encoded. Furthermore, they also don’t come with famous versions like NIV and NKJV.
  3. The Sword Project ( – This is known to be the “Gnome Sword” in Ubuntu Linux. A fair enough software that can deliver a good service over its users. But this software is not that user friendly and it takes time to learn the functions of the buttons. However, when it comes to reliability of the Bible copy, it is more reliable than Bible Time.

Other FREE Bible Softwares

I do not know much about other Bible Softwares but I already made my own research for you. However, I must clarify that I haven’t tried these softwares and I do not know if they have some bugs or viruses if you download them. Therefore I am not responsible in any way if it will cause damages to your computers whatsoever. Download at your own risk. I recommend that you do your own research if you want to try these.

So here are the links that you can check out and probably try these softwares.

Highly Recommended Paid Bible Software

Quick Verse – Since I have used this longer than any other paid Bible Sofwares, this is what I can recommend the most. It has a user-friendly interface and also comes with the best set of Bible versions. But what I like the most with this software is the Search feature which I haven’t seen in FREE Bible Softwares. It has a “case-related and sensitive” feature that makes it more flexible than any other Bible software that I have used.

644571: QuickVerse 2009 MacArthur Collection on CDROM QuickVerse 2009 MacArthur Collection on CDROM

By Parson Technology

Written with the objective of explaining and applying the Scriptures, MacArthur’s New Testament Commentaries provide reliable interpretation with practical lessons. Excellent for students, educators, pastors, and layleaders.


24 Volumes — The set includes commentary on Matthew 1-7, Matthew 8-15, Matthew 16-23, Matthew 24-27, Acts 1-12, Acts 13-28, Romans 1-8, Romans 9-12, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians & Philemon, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, Hebrews, James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter & Jude, Revelation 1-11, and Revelation 12-22.

Expositional — In each volume, noted Bible teacher John MacArther, Jr. presents a clear, in-depth, verse-by-verse exposition of the Biblical text with illustrations that bring the meaning home.

Dozens of Lists — Included in the set are lists such as chronologies of Bible books and events, biblical covenants, facts about heaven and hell, Old Testament prophecies about Christ, Bible authors, and kings and emperors in the Bible.

Background Articles — Discover facts about the nations, politics, and important cities of Bible times; the churches of the New Testament, archaeology and the Bible; Israel’s calendar, Sabbaths, and much more.

Works with Windows XP & Vista.

PC Study Bible – This is almost equally useful as Quick Verse. It has a user-friendly interface but not as neat as what the Quick Verse has (my personal opinion only). However, I still believe that this is a great Bible Library software.

145100: Biblesoft PC Study Bible 5.0: Complete Reference Library on CD-ROM Biblesoft PC Study Bible 5.0: Complete Reference Library on CD-ROM

By Biblesoft

A collection of more than 300 reference work volumes, including Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, Greek/Hebrew and other word study references, sermon starters, illustrations and a brand new preaching collection.With an emphasis on English as well as Greek and Hebrew resources, the Complete Reference Library is perfect for pastors, Christian education professionals, Sunday School teachers and Bible study leaders. It’s packed with more than $3,000 worth of the best content for those who study the Bible primarily with English resources, but want basic original-language tools to enhance their understanding.

Click here for chart of contents

System Requirements:

  • 500 MHz Pentium III (1GHz P.III recommended)
  • 512 MB RAM or higher; 768 MB recommended
  • Windows 2000, XP or Vista (may require Superuser or Administrator rights)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
  • CD ROM drive (4X speed or higher recommended)
  • DVD drive and support if program ordered in this format
  • 100 MB hard drive space required; 1.7 GB recommended
  • Mouse or compatible pointing device required
  • 256 color display support, 800×600 minimum resolution (1024 x 768 recommended)

Bible Works – Just like Quick Verse and PC Study Bible, the next in line is Bible Works. I personally have used this software and have found it very useful. It has almost a completely different interface in comparison to Quick Verse and PC Study Bible, but still have a user-friendly interface. In my opinion however, this is not that good with the pastor who have just began using computers and Bible Softwares. But this is a great tool far better than Quick Verse and PC Study Bible for Bible Scholars and seminary students.

82901X: BibleWorks 8.0 on CD-ROM BibleWorks 8.0 on CD-ROM

By Bibleworks, Llc

BibleWorks 8 is the premier original languages Bible software program for Biblical exegesis and research. It comes with Greek, Hebrew, and Septuagint Bibles for your computer, as well as translations in English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and more! For over sixteen years, BibleWorks has satisfied Bible software users around the world.

Let your computer help your exegesis and exposition! BibleWorks is a tightly integrated collection of Bible software tools designed specifically for scholarly analysis of the Bible text. More than a mere Bible search engine, BibleWorks comes with a variety of Bible search tools, lexicons, dictionaries, and morphology analysis. For all levels of users, it is suitable for Bible study, sermon preparation, and detailed Bible research.

System requirements:

  • Windows XP/Vista
  • Minimum 1024×600 display
  • Internet Explorer version 6, SP1
  • DVD or CD drive
  • Minimum of 128 MB RAM
  • 700 MB hard drive space free (7 GB for full installation)
  • Sound card for some features
  • Internet connection for program updates

Scholar’s Library – I haven’t personally used this Bible Software because it is very expensive. So I cannot base my review in my own opinion. But a friend of mine who is a Doctorate student have used this Bible Software for his dissertation. According to him, this is the only software that helped him in his dissertation eventhough he already has Quick Verse, PC Study Bible, and Bible Works.

94578: Scholar"s Library (ND) CD-ROM Logos Bible Software 3 Scholar’s Library (ND) CD-ROM Logos Bible Software 3

By Logos Research Systems

Scholar’s Library is a value-priced collection of texts and tools for serious Bible study using Greek, Hebrew, and English resources. It is the best value in Bible software today with more than 330 Bibles and Bible Reference titles worth over $6,100.00 in equivalent print editions!

The Scholar’s Library software doesn’t just “speed up” the process of studying with paper books, it actually acts as your personal research assistant, doing everything from looking up relevant articles and automatically collecting material to generating tailored reports and organizing content around your specific target passage.

Logos Bible Software 3 is so easy to use and powerful that all you have to know how to do is type in a Bible reference, or a topic and click the”Go!” button. Scholar’s Library provides an amazing wealth of resources at your fingertips, giving you everything you need for serious and comprehensive Bible Study, no matter what your focus. The value-packed Scholar’s Library makes digging deep into the truth of the Bible easier than ever!

See our Comparison Chart for detailed contents.

Also available on DVD-ROM.

The minimum requirements for running Libronix are:

  • 500MHz Pentium III (1GHz Pentium III recommended)
  • 192MB RAM (512MB recommended)
  • Windows 98/Me/NT4.0(SP6a)/2000/XP/Vista
  • 550MB hard drive space
  • CD/DVD-ROM drive
  • 800×600 display (1024×768 recommended)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

Well there you have it. May this post be a great help for you.

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