There are probably thousands of churches whose pastors are the “Superman” of their respective churches. This book review of Partners In Ministry: Laity and Pastors Working Together teaches us the “HOW” of Laity and Pastors can work together for the Kingdom of God. And I believe this is one of the most essential things that each one of us has to learn concerning our church and how it works.

“Every layperson is called to ministry. This concept is not new; it is new only to us. It is not new to many thinkers throughout the history of the Christian Church. The concept of the ministry of the laity may seem new to us because this truth has been under-emphasized in the past.” – James Garlow

Yes, it is true that many Christian Churches nowadays have a concept that “ONLY PASTORS” are authorized to preach, teach, baptize, and even conduct a Bible study. While it is true that pastors should be doing it, each Christian should be a part of  helping the pastor to propagate God’s word.

Partners In Ministry: Laity and Pastors Working Together

Partners In Ministry: Laity and Pastors Working Together

The book covers six (6) main chapters:

  • The Biblical Basis – This is where we can find in the biblical teachings of becoming a laity.
  • A Look at the Theology – Tells us all about the theology of the ministry of the laity which covers the Church, Ministry, Laity, and Vocation.
  • What History Tells Us – Tackles about the background of the ministry of the laity.
  • Our Gifts For Ministry – Evaluation of different gifts in order to use it mightily in the ministry.
  • Training For Ministry – After discovering and seeing our gifts, it is important for us to be trained and be prepared to be involved in the ministry.
  • Sent Into Ministry – There is no use of training without sending. As trained laity, we need to use our gifts and training for the expansion of God’s Kingdom. We are therefore to join our fellow brethren in the Church for the mission work of God.

Personal Opinion

If people in your Church has the idea that the pastor is the “ONLY ONE” authorized to preach, minister, baptize, and all the rest of the ministries, then this book can be good for you.

If you do not understand the role of laity in your Church, this is definitely good for you.

If you are a layperson, a servant leader, a deacon, or whatever you call it, this book is definitely good in discovering more of your role as layperson. It is very important for us to understand that we need to help our pastor so as the rest of the Church in the mission field. So I would say that this book is definitely for you.

If you are a pastor and you have idle members (those that are not involve in the ministry), and you want them to be involved, this book might probably help you in discovering their importance as partners in ministry.


I strongly recommend this book to all Christians especially to those who think that coming to Church and be present during Sunday worship is already enough. This book is a must to read.

Rick Warren said: “This book contains biblical principles that can turn an audience into an army!”

Author: Dr. Jim Garlow is the pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church.

Publisher: Church Strengthening Ministry
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