We cannot deny the fact that the Philippine Reproductive Health Bill is really a HOT sizzling issue until now. Different people in different sectors are divided in this issue. Believe it or not, even the religious sector is divided on this.

The CBCP is definitely against the Bill, but not all Catholics are against it. In fact, the proponents of this bill are mostly Catholics while some are probably atheists. The Evangelical Christians are also divided on this one, while many are pro-RH Bill. But what is RH Bill? What does it promote? And what are the potential effects of that bill to our society?

Philippine-RH-Bill.jpgRH Bill according to the pros is about getting an informed choice and free access to safe, effective, and legal means of family planning which includes natural methods. Some also say that we have a problem in population explosion that drags our nation into poverty and severe social-economic problems.

CBCP are against it mainly because the bill is against the natural law of reproduction . Teachings about the sacredness of life, morality, and sanctity of marriage are also enclosed in this foundational teaching of Christianity. This is also the main reason why the Catholics are against euthanasia and abortion.

Are you pro or anti?

I know that many Evangelical pastors are pro RH Bill while some are also undecided. But I would like to say that I am an anti-RH Bill for the following reasons.

1. RH Bill does not have the moral aspect of teaching the people to be “really responsible” parents. Meaning, it only teaches how to stop getting pregnant, but not the upright way to be good providers. There are people who have a few children but still in deep poverty. This simply tells us that it’s not really about having a few children, but it is about thinking to be responsible parents.

Politicians only speak about “responsible parenthood” without even understanding it. Responsible Parenthood is not about stopping to have babies, but it is about planning to provide for their children, and become loving parents who desire for their children to have a prosperous future.

2. RH Bill does not solve the real issue. The real issue on poverty is not because of having too many children, but it is about the lack of job, poor economy, poor education, and lack of moral education. The bill only stop women in getting pregnant, but it does not stop people from hanging around the gambling places, spending money for vices, and bringing people to school.

3. RH Bill only promotes promiscuity and immorality. I was shocked to see the government itself visiting universities, colleges and schools to distribute condoms to teenagers and those kids who are just getting over their teenage life. What are they going to do with it? Make a balloon?

4. Population is not a problem. I would like to contradict other people in saying that population explosion is a problem. Well, it’s not. Population has been the strength of any nation. China and India have a massive number of people. But they made use of that number in their workforce and military force. And they have become the super powers of the world today.

Our nation will be a lot stronger if our government has a real plan to convert these people to workforce and strengthen the military force that we currently have.

If RH-Bill has a clearer program to solve moral problems, this could probably be a good bill. But since it does not have, I don’t believe it will help the Philippines to be better.

So what about you?

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