“. . .stand still and consider the wondrous works of God.”

Job 37:14b

When I gaze into the evening sky

And see the stars above,

I see more than lifeless orbs;

I see the Father’s Love.

When I watch a bird winging its way in flight,

Soaring effortlessly on the wind,

I see an expression of the Father’s Grace

Who longs to be my Friend.

When I hear the pounding sea surf on shore

Or the wind whispering quietly in the trees,

I hear the Voice of the Giver of life

Calling—and I fall down on my knees.

“Oh Lord,” I cry from the depths of my soul,

“Why do You love me so?

Your love is higher than the mountains

And deeper than the ocean’s depths below.

“Why do You choose to give such Mercy

When we have done so bad?

Why do You show such endless Grace,

That cheers us when we’re sad?

“When I am still, I hear Your Voice

Calling out so softly to me;

Like the wind in the trees You speak to me

Of how in You I can be free.

“Thank you, O Lord, for all Your wondrous works

Which point us up to You;

May we, like them, glorify You always

In all we say and do.

“To You I surrender all of my life

To use as You think best;

Help me to love You with all of my heart,

For in You my soul finds rest.”

–Tom Smith

Morning Manna Dated October 1, 2009

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