The Executive vs The Judiciary, I think this is how most of the justices and lawyers see the current battle between Pres. Aquino and Chief Justice Renato Corona. But this is not how ordinary people see the real issue. Let us face it, all people in the government act as intelligent people (at least that’s how they think of themselves).

What I have below is a personal opinion between the two:

For President Aquino.

  • I believe that he is very serious in getting real justice infavor of the people against GMA.
  • I believe that he did influenced and have played a huge part in impeaching Chief Justice Corona.
  • I believe that what is happening is politically motivated to achieve “True Justice”.
  • I believe that the impeachment will never be based on evidence.
  • I believe that the President is NOT a dictator. It’s not the way how his mother taught him to be.

Pnoy vs Corona picture

For Chief Justic Corona

  • I believe that he does not possess any credibility to be a Chief Justice.
  • I believe that his judgments in the cases versus GMA is based on alliances and “utang na loob” and therefore, he is “obviously” an ally of GMA.
  • I believe that he needs to be ousted in leading the Supreme Court.
  • I believe that GMA will be acquitted and the Filipinos will never get justice against GMA if he will continue to be in the Supreme Court.
  • I believe that the Chief Justice is getting an unfair treatment from the Congress.

So what does this say for the Filipinos? The President and the Congress are politically biased against the Chief Justice. However, if Chief Justice Corona will remain as the Chief Justice, there will be no true justice on cases of the Filipinos against GMA.

I guess the Chief Justice will never get the support of the common people like me simply because though the government has been very unfair to him, he will obviously be unfair against the Filipinos in favor of GMA. The only support that he will get is from the lawyers and justices who thinks that its between the Executive vs. Judiciary. But the reality is, Filipinos don’t see it in that way. We only see it between Pnoy and the Chief Justice.

For the Intelligent Lawyers and Justices, do you really think that the Filipinos will get the true justice if Justice Corona will remain in his office? Do you really think that it will be for the benefit of the Filipinos if Justice Corona will be one of the judges in cases against GMA? If the TRO, the case against Merciditas Guitterez, and other cases was given in favor of GMA, do you really think we have achieved true justice?

Perhaps you will answer, it is not right to become unjust to the person who is unjust which has been the answer of Atty. Topacio in one of his interviews. Of course, I don’t believe in the “end justifies the means”. But if this is so, where is the justice in favor of the common people and of our country?

The issue between Pnoy and Chief Justice is really controversial. But for ordinary Filipinos and so I speak as a citizen, a pastor who takes care of his sheep, I am convinced, that Chief Justice Corona either has to step down in the cases against GMA, or to be impeached in order to get the true justice in favor of the Filipinos. With all due respect that I can give to the Chief Justice, I think he doesn’t deserve the highest seat in the Supreme Court.

This is just a mere opinion of ordinary citizen. What’s your opinion?

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