A blessed 117th Philippine Independence Celebration, this is my prayer for the Philippines.

Lord, we don’t have a big country. It’s a very small humble country struggling to make its place in the world. But from this country rises people whom you are using in the world to make it a better place, serve other people in other countries, and make heroes despite the scarcity of resources.

We are not rich, yet we have come so far to buy our independence with the blood of our forefathers. We are not powerful, yet we are willing to die for the freedom of country from any oppression of the powerful ones. We have come so far, we are still a country and You are with us.

Give us leaders who will truly serve our country and not their own selves. Free us from the bondage of moral-political degradation and may your Spirit dwell in the hearts of our leaders that they will have a genuine love for our country. 2016 is coming, give us wisdom to only vote for the right people. Allow us not to be blinded again with our own money used by the politicians against us to buy our freedom to vote. Allow not victory of the wicked political dynasty to reign over us again.

Philippine Flag

Bless our Army, Navy, and Air Force. We don’t have much, but we ask you to strengthen our Armed Forces that we may repel enemies who are creeping at our doorstep. Give our government wisdom to give attention to the needs of our Armed Forces that they may have better weapons and military assets not to oppress, but promote peace and stability.

Bless our economy so that time will come that Filipinos will no longer have to leave our country and serve foreign people to make a living. Instead, help us to have more job opportunities, more Filipinos who will engage in business, and our government engaging in projects that will enhance the capabilities of our military like developing our own weapon defense systems, navy ships, and even military aircrafts.

Bless our students that they will have the heart to serve this country. May they have dreams and love for to make this country a better place to live so that when their time has come, they will spend their lives fulfilling those dreams and time will come, Philippines will rise by Your side.

Bless our people who are currently shaping our country. Be with our heroes who are fighting in the SEA Games. Be with our media that they emphasize the love for this country. Be with our religious leaders and let not faith divide us, instead let love unite us in building a better country by promoting “morality with Christ”. Be with our human resources, that they may have strength as they contribute to education, economy, health, and other needs of our people. Be with every Filipino, that we may have a heart to love the Philippines.

This is Philippines. You are our Savior, our Protector, our Redeemer, our Provider, our God.

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