coryaquinoPresident Corazon Aquino was the widow of the late Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino of the Philippines. He was a fighter of democracy that leads to his assassination in 1983. “Filipinos are worth dying for!” this is Ninoy’s famous statement. Cory lost his most beloved husband in their fight for democracy, yet gained millions of Filipino people as her allies in their fight for freedom.

I was still a young boy when Pres. Cory Aquino came into power in the Philippine government. I still remember when Pres. Cory  along with the people of the Philippines overthrew Pres. Ferdinand Marcos through the famous “People Power” of the Philippines.

The most significant thing that Pres. Cory passed to Filipino people is democracy. And I believe it is only worth honoring her of what she gave for the Philippines.

Presdent Cory died early morning about 3:18 am, August 1, 2009. She passed away due to cardio-respiratory arrest after fighting for several months against colon cancer.

Being a good example of what it is to live in a Christian way both in politics and in the family, we do hope that all politicians will realize that life is short and we have to spend it with the fear of the Lord. Abandoning all kinds of corruptions and futile thinking serving the nation faithfully.

Though we stand on different side of spirtiual beliefs, Ormoc Lighthouse Christian Ministry, expresses our condolences to the family of Pres. Corazon Aquino who has served her country well. Even in the midst of sorrow and mourning, may you all find comfort and peace in the loving care of our living God.

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