Sermon Collection From the Book of James


Sermons From the Book of James is a sermon collection from the book of James. Arranged in series for the next ten sermon delivery.

You can use this sermon for:

– Personal study for your upcoming sermon.
– Sermon series for your church.
– Sermon study reference as commentary.
– Discipleship material.
– Cell-group material.
– Sunday School material.
– Devotional material.
– And even as your own sermon.

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Sermons About Faith That Works

The book of James is among the most questionable books in the New Testament, but possibly the best books around when we talk about faith that works. It’s usually wise to go through first at least to better understand it. This will certainly provide a deeper knowledge as you come up with sermons from the book of James.

The writer of the book of James is certainly debated of who may be the James being referred. On the other hand, as time goes by, large numbers of historians consider that it truly is James the very first Bishop of the Christian church in Jerusalem. He is also known to be the brother of Jesus.

The book of James did not often discuss Christ that produced quite a few doubters to question the canonicity. Even so, the book of James is undoubtedly full of practical application of the faith. Sometimes, it’s known as the “Book of Faith that Works”.

The initial part of the book of James has already been showing people how to approach tests. During this period, the Jews were spread around the world, thus, James treated this particular letter for them primarily that a great many them are encountering types of trials.

Chapter Two is centered on submission towards the regulating regulations. It is about follow to regulating regulations with whom the Israelites are generally bound. In our time, Jame’s recommendations continues to be to be appropriate. We have to be submissive to the regulating laws and also government bodies to whom we are bound, such as organization, groups, companies, and also church.
Additionally there is a training regarding acceptable treatment with one another. Similarly in the present day, plenty of people offer special treatments to the rich, despite the fact that unjust treatment for the weak. Because of this, James motivate the Christian Jews to stop favoritism, instead treat each other well with fairness and brotherly love.

Cease depending on riches. It is one of many main focus of the book. Rich people shouldn’t depend upon it, so as the poor mustn’t be blinded by it. Loving and respecting one another may appear far more essential compared with huge selection.

Yet another wonderful lessons of James is all about taming the tongue. It is but a small sector of the physical structure nonetheless so powerful which can also destroy other people. James shows that people should take control of it, rather that the tongue managing us.

To pray for each other. This might be among the best lessons that you can get from the book of James. Praying for each other involves confessing of sins, for the “prayer of the righteous man availeth much.” This informs us that there are sicknesses and diseases which can be attributable to sins. And for that one, prayer would be the solely treatment.

There are lots of various other sub-lessons that you can get in the book of James. All you cure to carry out could be to dig more deeply from this. It does not speak much in regards to the saving grace. But it’s emphatic on faith that works. Thus, it is just a book that can give a ton of sermons which really can be very beneficial for church success.

Sermon Collection

Where can I use this sermon collection?

Since this comes with Private Label Rights, you can use this in almost any way you want without worrying about “plagiarism”.

You can:

  • Edit the entire sermon collection and put your name as author.
  • Make another ebook out of the content of this ebook.
  • Use it as your sermon.
  • Use it a study material since these sermons are high quality and was made in accordance to the sound doctrine and principles. Kindly check our “Statement Of Faith”.
  • Revise it and make a discipleship material out of it.
  • Use it as a sermon series especially that this is arranged as “Walk through the Bible” sermons.
  • Use it in your book.
  • Take out each sermon and make it as individual blog post.
  • Make it as your Sunday School materials. Most of these sermons are well outlined and is good for Sunday School lesson.
  • Sell this with “Master Resell Rights” (see what “You Cannot” do below). When reselling it with Master Resell Rights, a link to must exist to the document.


  • Sell this material as it is, having the same PLR. You are only allowed to sell this with Master Resell Rights if you are going to sell it as it is. Meaning, when you sell this, you cannot allow your customer to have the same rights above as you have. This is to maintain our products in high quality and “ONLY” those who purchase from The Disciplers are entitled exclusively to edit these materials.

Master Resell Rights defined – Master Resell Rights are limited rights given to someone to resell the product.


Why should I buy your sermon collection when there are tons of sermons online?

Simply because nearly “All” of the sermon collection online are copyrighted and you cannot resell them.  The Disciplers’ Sermon Collection comes with Private Label Rights where you don’t have to worry about plagiarism.

Is your sermon collection a cheap sermon that’s why you are selling it?

What we are selling actually is the content, because this is the “actual manuscripts” made by Ptr. Vince Olaer and these sermons where delivered and used as discipleship materials in their church. This is NOT a cheap collection of sermons rather, this is a collection of well studied sermons that were simplified so that others can use without the worry of copyrights.

The collection seems to be expensive.

The answer is no. It is not expensive but is rightfully priced at $2 per sermon manuscript (approximately 1 ½ to 2 pages per sermon). When you ask a writer to write for you, it can be $10 per hour.

What if I edit the collection and then I will sell the outcome with me as the author?

The premise is “EDIT”. Edit the content first then reword it as much as possible. Make it sound like as your own. When you produced another material, then yes name it as yours. No problem. The ONLY thing that we DO NOT allow is that, you “resell this material as it is” and then giving the same Private Label Rights.

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