Hi, mBanner For The Disciplers copyy name is Vince. I’ve been around the net for about 3 years now. I made this page especially for you. To let you know that you can actually build your own Church or Ministry Website without hiring a Webmaster.

There are lots of webmasters that you can actually hire out there to make your website. They use to make attractive and beautiful websites. They input nice media integration with flashy moving pictures. They’re COOL!!!

But this is the BIGGEST reality that you will discover: Websites is not all about those flashy media. It is all about “INFORMATION, TRAFFIC and USEFULNESS” which you will not find in most flashy websites. Well, maybe you will see it there flashing, but no one can find it over Google, Yahoo and MSN searches. It’s ONLY YOU who sees it. It’s only you who’s enjoying it, simply because no one can find it.

This is why it’s better to build your own website.

“But how? I don’t know about coding and I don’t have enough time to build it.” This is probably your answer.

What if I tell you that you CAN build your Church Website with a little knowledge and very simple codes that even a grade schooler can memorize?  Yes, as long as you know how to use your computer and the internet, there is NO reason why you can’t build a Church or ministry website.

And take note, we are not talking about an invisible website on Search Engines. We are talking about a real website that will and can be seen over the net.

Why NOT Hire A Webmaster?

  • Webmasters usually charge a high professional fee. And most of the time, it is far more than the cost of hosting your website.
  • Webmasters usually charge a monthly fee if they will be the one who will maintain your website. But why pay for additional expense when you can take over the maintenance with no technical skills?
  • Webmasters does not care on the content which is very essential. But you as the website owner do.
  • Webmasters does not care on SEO except for their website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very essential for generating traffic for your website.
  • Webmasters charge ADDITIONAL FEE if you want your website to be optimized with Search Engines.

But here are the things that YOU can actually do and give for yourself (WITH NO HYPE).

  • Set up and build your own website.
  • Work on your header even without any knowledge of web designing.
  • Complete video tutorial in setting up your website.
  • A very simple “platform” that you won’t do any coding or if you do, you will only use the very basic codings.
  • Cheapest hosting having all you need for a website like Ezine subscription and mailouts, subscription form, email accounts, etc.
  • Automatic url submission to the Search Engines.

“Vince, how in the world can I ever do this?”

The answer is very simple. All you need is something that you understand. You need something that you can work with even without the knowledge of html coding. Something that is plain and simple. Something that will guide you “EXACTLY” as you needed.

Now tell me, if you know how to make your own Church or ministry website, will you do it your own?

If yes, then why not grab this great webhosting deal from a reputable Web Hosting Company? For less than $30 a month, you can have the following:

  • Hosting
  • Brainstorming and researching tools
  • Sophisticated decision-making software (makes niche-choosing foolproof)
  • Web/html/graphic designer (an inexpensive one)
  • Automatic domain name annual renewal
  • Special Page and Image Managing Tools (better than FTP)
  • Unique Automated Site-Blogging
  • Submit (“ping”) unlimited URLs to Search Engines automatically via XML
  • Ranking Reports for your Keywords at all major Search Engines
  • Unique Keyword search reports for Search Engines
  • Ranking Reports for Directories
  • Unique Keyword search reports for Directories
  • Unique 2-Level Image Search Report
  • Search Engine optimization
  • 4 Traffic HQs
  • Pay-per-click research and bidding programs
  • Click-in and Click-through Analysis
  • E-zine Subscription and Mailouts
  • Value Exchange
  • Form Build It! (with CAPTCHA graphic-challenge)
  • Link Fix It! (No more bad links, ever!)
  • Full E-mail/WebMail With Spam ‘n Virus Blast It!
  • Monetize It! (A revolution in monetizing your site)
  • Socialize It! (automated Social Media Marketing, a must)
  • Action Guide/Video Guide/”Guru-in-your-ear” help

All these services can cost you $5,095++ per year if you purchase them separately. But HOW ABOUT ALL THESE IN LESS THAN $30 A MONTH?

NO MORE Webmaster Fee


If you still doubt this offer, please click Contact Us and send us your inquiry!!!

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