Questions of Law is probably the only law handbook primarily designed for Philippine Ministers and Christian Counselors. I came across this book in 2004 when Ptr. Jeb Bundang the author of this book visited our seminary in Baguio City, PBTS. He is both a pastor and a lawyer. Questions of Law By Jeb Bundang

He was a former legislative assistant in the Office of the Speaker at Batasang Pambansa, chief of staff in the Commission of Appointments, Family and Civil Code seminar facilitator, and political science professor. These experiences made him a credible person in writing this valuable book.

The truth is, this kind of book is very rare. There are very few law books specifically designed for Christian Counselors and Ministers. In fact, this is the only one I’ve seen so far that covers Philippine Law.

This book of course does not cover all laws in the Philippines, but this book tackles the most common legal issues that you will face in relation to your Church and your ministries.

It covers:

  • Law on Citizenship
  • Law on Marriage
  • Law on Family Relations
  • Law on Property
  • Law on Obligations and Contracts
  • Law on Absence and Presumptive Death

Why Pastors and And Christian Counselors Need This Book?

Let me give you three main reasons why you should by this book…

First, church ministers and Christian counselors has to be educated about the law. Each Filipino citizen has to understand at least the basic law and it does not exempt you as a minister. This will give you understanding on the basic rights and You yourself need to know it.

Secondly, the people we are ministering sometimes need what we know about the basic laws. Whether we like or not, there are some people in our church who does not know anything about legal matters. And some will even do “unknowingly” illegal things.

Finally, it is also for your own protection. There will be times that your church will acquire real properties such as land and building. You do need to know the basic laws on property, obligation and contracts to protect yourself against legal technicalities that will put yourself and your church into a deep trouble.

Now, you don’t have to be a lawyer or a law student just to understand your rights as a Filipino citizen. This is a powerful law handbook for Ministers and Christian Counselors.

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