“. . .Commune with your own heart upon your bed and be still.  Selah.”

Psalm 4:4b

Always remember:  There is no mattress as firm as the Promises of God and no pillow as soft as the arms of Jesus.

“Commune. . .and be still.”

The two always go together for it’s impossible to “be about the Father’s business” (Lk. 2:49) when we’re constantly filled with busyness. And, until we learn what it means to “commune with your own heart upon your bed and be still,” we’ll never really experience firsthand His indescribably delicious “Peace that passes all understanding” (Phil. 4:7).

The Hebrew word “amar” is used here for “commune” and basically means “to consider, intend, determine, be still, think on, to suppose, etc.”  Thus, it’s a picture of “consecrated contemplation;” however, it’s also a beautiful picture of “restful repose” much like that of a small baby quietly sleeping in his/her mother’s arms.

It’s interesting that David said to “commune with your own heart upon your bed.”  Yet, we must notice that he first said “Stand in awe and sin not.”  Thus, the “secret” to this is quiet contemplation of Who God is and what He has done/promised.  It’s much like a child going outside at night and gawking at the moon and the stars.

As he leans his head back and looks upward. . .quietly scanning the vast expanse overhead where the stars seem like gleaming diamonds on a backdrop of black velvet. . . all he can say I “Wow!!”

How long has it been since you did that, Pilgrim?

How long since you looked up in “soul-gaze,” remembering the same God Who named and numbered those stars and set them in their current positions during creation, is the same God Who loves you and knows everything about you?

That long, huh?

Well, do not fret or fear; begin tonight.  And, even if you can’t go out and allow God’s “heavens to declare God’s Glory to you” (Ps. 19:1a), you can still do it by “communing with your heart on your own bed.”  This may take some practice, particularly if you’re used to rehashing the day’s events or trying to sort through tomorrow’s “to do” list.

But, with practice and prayer, you can learn to “commune with God and listen to your own heart as you lie on your own bed.”  And, it’s in those quiet moments of reflection and prayer that your heart will rise up to Him Who holds you in the hollow of His Hand.

Why not pause right now, close your eyes and commune with your Heavenly Father?  Feel Him even now drawing near to you, putting His arm around you and holding you close as He whispers, “How are you doing?”  Then, “be still” and allow Him to help you listen to the “noises” in your heart—those things that are making you anxious or burdened.  Hear Him saying “Give them to Me, my child.  I’ll handle them for you.  Just rest in Me, right now.  Everything’s under control.”  Beautiful.  Thank You, Jesus.

By Tom Smith Morning Manna Dated November 22, 2010

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