The death of Pres. Cory Aquino rekindled the memories of EDSA People Power of 1986. Who can believe that a tiny nation called the Philippines was able to overthrow a dictator that reigned for 20 years without shedding of blood.

This song that was presented in the video below is the theme song of the EDSA People Power. Everytime I hear this song, the more that I fell in love in the Philippines, my country, my home, my blood. As a pastor, I will never cease to pray for it, especially to the politicians to change their mindset. Going to public office is not for living or income generation but for service. Cory Aquino demonstrated this well.

Again, though I do not stand with tita Cory’s spiritual beliefs, I do admire her for being sincere in her service to the Filipino people. Honest, brave, having a word of honor, and a good example of incorruptible leader against greed, tita Cory can be considered one of our heroes. A true heroine of democracy

Paalam tita Cory!!!

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