Meeting The Author of “Baptist History”

If you are an M. Div. or a BS Theology graduate of Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, you probably have heard about the name Dr. Catalino Pamplona. Yes, he is the author of “Baptist History” book of the Philippines. It is the only Southern Baptist History book of the Philippines.

I am not so sure if many of you have personally met Dr. Lino or otherwise known as Ptr. Lino Pamplona. The first time I met him was in Palompon, Leyte when we had our Visayas Convention Meeting, May of 2009. A year later which was only last year, I had an opportunity to meet him again, and by this time was able to chit chat with him a little bit.

I really don’t know him personally nor his personal life. But my first impression is that, he is a funny guy. A “kengkoy” pastor who have served faithfully to the Lord.

Me with Dr. Catalino Pamplona

Me with Dr. Catalino Pamplona

We talked about his book, “Baptist History”. His book was really great for academic purposes. It does not only cover the history of Southern Baptists here in the Philippines, but it also covers the beginnings of Southern Baptists. But what makes this book unique among all Baptist History books?

First, the book is the only Philippine Southern Baptist history book. Well, I really do not know for sure if there is another one. But as far as I know, it is the only book published in the Philippines that talk about the history of Philippine Southern Baptists. And this makes it all the more important not only for the Southern Baptist seminarians, but also for those Southern Baptist pastors, deacons and leaders.

Secondly, the book is a well researched book that talks about a more conservative history of Baptists. It is not a “Landmarkism” book, nor “Trail of Blood” to which some Baptist denominations are holding. This is a more “historically correct” book.

But where is the book now? What I do not understand right now is the rarity of the copy of this book. I asked him why does CSM does not publish it anymore. Dr. Lino said that it needs several Southern Baptist Associations or better, Luzon and Mindanao Southern Baptist Convention has to request for the republication of the book.

Then I asked him if he did get lots of royalty for writing such a useful book and having sold a huge number of copies. Then he said with a laugh, if he did, he would have been rich. And if 900 pesos can make you rich, perhaps he would be one of the most promising Christian Filipino authors.

Despite of this truth, Dr. Lino still continued to serve God. Now he is pastoring a Church in Davao City and serves as the secretary of Pastors, Workers, and Missionary Association of Southern Baptists in the whole of Mindanao. And it is a great privilege for me to meet and talk to someone who has contributed a lot in God’s ministry.

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