At 5am, I am already awake observing the strength of the wind. It’s already windy and the trees are starting shake off its leaves. At 7am, branches from the trees are starting to fall off. Power was cut off as early as 6:30am. I am about to call my brother using a landline but it was cut off in the of its ring.

By 8am-9am, heavy winds start to blow. I can see the 3 cows in the middle of the field are already lying due to strong winds and cold rain. I ran to the second floor to close the window in the office. Then suddenly the entire roof our neighbor went off, blown away by raging winds between 270-300km/hr.

House during Haiyan.

The entire roof of our house was completely gone.

Then it was suddenly calm at 10:00-10:30am. By 10:45, stronger winds blew, and knocked down the entire perimeter fence at the back of the house. Half of the roof of the Mission House was literally ripped off.

When the ceiling started to move hard, we ran at basement where it is safer even if it was soaked in half a foot of water. Outside, I can see the Toyota Fortuner car parked by a church member being pushed by the wind. Then suddenly a strong bang was heard outside, the entire outside ceiling fell right into the car. My motor bike was blown near the gate.

The aftermath images of Hurricane Haiyan aka Yolanda

Posted by The Disciplers on Monday, December 2, 2013

I can no longer see what’s beyond 7 meters. Strong rains combined with strong winds made it almost impossible to see what’s beyond.

By 1pm, the entire Ormoc City was  95% damaged and destroyed. Power lines are down, nearly 95% of all houses are damaged, debris is everywhere, and people don’t know where to go. The following day, I visited our supposed to be house where we will transfer in a month only to find out that the entire roof is completely gone and the second floor we made was heavily damaged.

It’s just my personal horror story of Haiyan. Surviving Haiyan was just one part. Surviving the aftermath is much harder.

You will have to fall in line when you go to any kind of commercial establishment. You have to fall in line if you want to charge, buy meat, buy a load, buy gas, and even going to bank. Everybody has to fall in line for anything you want to buy.

No water line for 3 months, no power for 5 months, no internet for 8 months, technically homeless for at least 2 months. Yet, that’s one of the least experiences among the survivors of Haiyan.

But thank you Lord because we are still here. We have overcome that disaster and blessings came in to repair and rehabilitate. More people came to know the Lord and have been reminded that you exist and it’s only by grace.


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