Resisting Demons Using The Bible.

First, instruct new believers to don the armor of God (Rom 13:14). This is about wearing the spiritual armor that God gave in Ephesians 6. We have to wear the full armor for us to be able to stand against the spiritual attacks of the enemy, and that we will be able to stand our ground.

Secondly, instruct your trainees to deal with demonic oppression the way Jesus and his Apostles did. The deal with the demonic oppression in the name of Jesus Christ. Sometimes in our areas, some of our trainees have an experience of occultism. Therefore, we have to be sure that our trainees are already free from the bondage of sin and that practice. We have to teach them to resist the devil (Gal 6:1).

Third, teach your trainees to pray fervently and persistently. This is for the deliverance against demon oppression. All spirits both demonic and godly, bow to only one name, the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. No matter how many they are (Mk. 5:1-20), they cannot overcome the power of that name. And prayer is one of the most powerful way to deal with it.

Your trainees also have to know that there are three types of demonic activity that we have to be aware of: 1) oppression 2) obsession 3) possession.

Fourth, teach your trainees to endure both violent and social persecution. In some places, there are some incidents of violent and social persecutions. This is why they have to wear the full armor of God, not only to resist the evil attacks but also to endure the hardships of its consequences. There are lots of new believers who stops going to church because of he social persecutions from their families, relatives and friends.

We have to explain to them therefore that it is only natural for a disciple and a follower of Christ to be persecuted by non believers. That sooner or later, they will be experiencing these form of persecutions. However, in the midst of these persecutions, the light of the Lord shall continue to shine in them and that God promises to deliver us from all these things.

From: Reproducible Pastoral Training by Patrick O’Connor

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