“Nevertheless, I have somewhat against you, because you have left your First Love.  Remember, therefore, from Whence you have fallen and repent and do the first works. . .”

Revelation 2:4-5a

     Remembering and realizing always precede and accompany repentance.

     “Come back to Me.”

     Those are the words wafting to us on the wind this morning, Pilgrim.  Just as His Voice “walked in the wind in the cool of the day” with Adam and Eve (Gen. 3:8), so does He still do the same today with us—if we’re listening.


     Do you remember your earthly “first love”?

     Do you remember how your heart raced when you saw him or her on the playground and how you wanted to sit beside him/her in class, the lunchroom, on the bus, etc.?  Do you remember when you exchanged valentines and those boxes of heart-shaped candy and how you made sure his/her was “different,” even to the point of buying a special card and a bigger box of candy?


     Do you remember your first date and how badly your palms sweated?  Do you remember how flushed you were and giddy with laughter as you rode that amusement ride together or sat beside each other at the movie—especially if it was the first one without a chaperone?


     Do you remember when things got serious. . .how you worked hard to save enough money to buy that special ring. . .and then “popped the question” or were on the receiving end of it?  Do you remember ow excited (and scared) you were?


     How we forget over the years and lose the “wonder of our first ove,” especially if we’re still married to that same one.

     And, sadly, the same is true with Christ, our true “First Love” if we’re not careful.


     Do you remember when you first met Him?  Was it in a small country church in a revival service?  Or was it one night as you knelt by your bed and your mom or dad talked to you about Jesus dying for you on the Cross?  Or, were you driving down the road, feeling lonely, sad or just plain “lost” and He “brushed up against you,” whispering “I love you”?


     Do you remember?

     Have you become like the church at Ephesus—zealous in defending the faith and hating sin (Rev. 2:2-3, 6), but lukewarm or cold in your love toward the One Who reached out to you when no one else would?  If so, do you hear Him calling your name right now, whispering “Come Home.  Come Home.  Come back to Me, your First Love”?


     The road Home may be a long one.  And, the first step is most likely the hardest one.  But, remembering “from Whence (Whom) we’ve falling, doing an about-face and rekindling our love-relationship with our First Love” is the key to revival and renewal.  Why not begin that journey back Home right now?  He’s waiting and watching.  And, do not be surprised when you find Him “running to meet you. . . holding you tight. . .and kissing you as He whispers ‘Welcome Home’ to Me, your First Love.”

 By Tom Smith Morning Manna Dated February 10

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