Different organizations have different ways of managing it their own organizations. There maybe some similarities but often times, one strategy may not be applicable with another organization. However, some of the basic principles of management is here.

Right: Art of Managing Your Ministry

This book will guide you in understanding the underlying principles of managing your ministry organization which makes it a MUST to read by church leaders.

Right: The Art of Managing Your Ministry by William Gopffarth aims to share to you his personal experience as a CEO of Church Strengthening Ministry, a non-profit Christian publishing company.

Church Strengthening Ministry (CSM) was once a heavily subsidized institution that has become financially sufficient and locally owned.

This book teaches you the basic foundational principles of proper ministry management. It tackles about:

– Sharing vision and mission of your organization to your people.
– Advangtages of strategic partnerships
– Identifying roadblocks.
– Equipping others
– Stewardship
– Caring for your staff.
– Trusting to earn it.

Who should read this book?
The book is intended to teach church leaders and administrative pastors on how they can manage and run the beloved religious institution in a way that is manageable and effective. Therefore, I recommend this to church leaders and pastors.

Seminary students who are also on the way for graduation should also read this. William gave lots of practical examples that you can apply and develop for your organization. Please note that this is more like an administrative approach and so, ordinary members that don’t have a background for business management might get board on this one.

Where to buy?
I think this book is only available at CSM and other leading Christian bookstore in the Philippines since this was published by CSM and the author of this book is the former CEO of CSM himself.

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