Rumors of God is definitely one of the BEST presentations I have read in a book. Many people doesn’t believe in God anymore, and if they do believe many of them are in doubt. One of the reasons why they are in doubt is because we are far from our relationship with Him.

Rumors of GodIn this fast-paced world, we get so busy with so many things. The unnecessary becomes necessary, while the necessary becomes unnecessary. Many of us failed to experience God. From a distant, all those promises in the Bible seem like rumors instead of truth.

Rumors of God by Darren Whitehead and Jo Tyson will take you into a deeper level of self-reflection on where we are now in our relationship with God, what is our current church standing and what do we do in serving Christ, our personal experiences and encounters of God. This book will help you understand on where we are exactly in our spiritual walk.

There is much more to expect. Indeed, it is not true that the glorious days of the church are in the past (as the author stated it), things will happen even in our days if we only listen to “Rumors of God”.

Both the churched and the unchurched hear about God’s abundant life, generosity, love, and grace. etc. But the question remains, did we ever give a chance to listen about what God can do for us, about what God can give us? This book will bring us to that level of desire to know more about this huge rumor, the rumor of God.

I highly recommend this book to young people, adults church leaders, and even pastors. This will help you see bigger perspective both in our world and our God at the same time.

553638: Rumors of God

Rumors of GodBy Darren Whitehead & Jon Tyson / Thomas NelsonDoes God still do great things today? Is it possible to really experience him? Can we close the gap between what’s promised in Scripture and what we encounter in our daily lives? Whitehead and Tyson share biblical insights, cultural observations, and compelling stories that will renew your passion for God’s kingdom—and your role in it! 256 pages, softcover from Nelson.

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