I first heard Shine Jesus Shine being sang in a Catholic Mass. I was stunned by this lively music accompanied by beautiful lyrics.

Shine Jesus Shine was originally composed and sung by Graham Kendrick and was later sung by Don Moen.

Shine Jesus Shine

by: Graham Kendrick – Don Moen

A        D             A        E
Lord the light of Your love is shining
A       D            A         E
In the midst of the darkness shining.
D      E           C#m           F#m
Jesus, Light of the world, shine upon us,
D       E          C#m           F#m
Set us free by the Truth You now bring us.
G      Esus E
Shine on me,
G      Esus E
Shine on me.

A     E       D
Shine, Jesus, shine,
A    Bm  Bm/A     Esus E   Esus E
Fill this land with the Father’s glory.
A      E       D
Blaze, Spirit, blaze,
Bm   Bm/A G   Esus E
Set our hearts on fire.
A    E       D
Flow, River, flow,
A  Bm Bm/A       Esus  E  Esus E
Flood the nations with grace and mercy
A    E          D
Send forth Your Word,
A  Bm   E7       A    D A E
Lord and let there be light.

Lord, I come to Your awesome presence
From the shadows into Your radiance.
By the blood I may enter Your brightness,
Search me, try me, consume all my darkness.
Shine on me,
Shine on me.

As we gaze on Your kindly brightness
So our faces display Your likeness.
Ever changing from glory to glory
Mirrored here may our lives tell Your story.
Shine on me,
Shine on me.

©1987, Make Way Music
Words and Music by Graham Kendrick


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