Should pastors do weddings for unbelievers? You have probably asked this question to yourself before. Different pastors may also have different opinions. With the heated debate about Philippine Divorce, let us go now with the issue of two unbelievers who want to get married and they come to you asking you to officiate their wedding.

But right now, let us see how John Piper answer this question.

Now let us go back to you. Granted that you are a pastor, should you do weddings for unbelievers?

Oh by the way, just to give you more information, in accordance to the law in the Philippines, pastors, priests, and other religious leaders who are able to secure a license to officiate weddings can only do weddings if one or two of the marrying parties belong to the religious group they are carrying. Except of course if they are facilitated through civil weddings.

So actually, this is not much of an issue here in the Philippines. But perhaps, granted that one of the marrying party is your member while the other one is a non-believer, what would you do?



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