Preparing the Story

1. You go to the kitchen to prepare the story.

a. Read the Bible to yourself out loud, enough that you will hear your voice.

b. Close the Bible, and tell the story to yourself out loud.

c. Repeat this two procedures at least four times, until the time that you are able to master the story.

2.  Look for the spiritual truths in the story.

3.  Apply the story in your life.

Telling the Story

  1. Tell the story lively, if possible with action.

  2. Ask someone to retell the story. Tell him to retell it at the best he can.

  3. Repeat the story again, but at this time, by asking questions from the story.

  4. Guide your audience look for the spiritual truths in the story that you have seen by asking more questions from the story.

  5. Help your audience to apply the spiritual truths that they have discovered.

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