Sing to the Lord by Hillsong(with chords and lyrics) a song of worship Marty Sampson, for the album This is Our God. This song is about sing to the Lord with all our soul and letting the heaven sing for joy that our God is great.

Sing to The Lord

by Hillsong

(CAPO 2nd Fret)
Key: A

INTRO: Em  Bm  C


G                      D
Righteous ruler of the heavens
Am7           C
Holy, Holy our God
G                         D
Sovereign Lord of all cre - ation
Am7           C
Holy, Holy our God

     C         G
Every tribe and tongue
         Em        D
Lift your voice as one
      C         Em   D
He is greatly to be praised

            G     C  Em D
Sing to the Lord, oh my soul
        Em      C/E   Em  D
Let the heavens shout for joy
Am7   C  Em  D
Great is our God
Am7   C  Em  D
Great is our God

Verse 2
G                        D
Nations come and bow be - fore Him
Am7            C
Holy, Holy our God
G                        D
Angels sing now and for - ever
Am7           C
Holy, Holy our God

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   Gsus4  G    G/B        Cadd9          
The hea - vens shall de - clare, 

Em D G/B C
the glo - ry of our great God (3X) VERSE 3: G D Jesus, come let us adore Him Am7 C Holy, Holy our God. [Return to CHORUS]


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