Saturday, 4th of July, while America was celebrating their independence day, a group of 5 young college students came over to Ormoc to teach and reach the students of Ormoc. Aaron, Ben and Tommy were assigned to teach in Tambulilid Elementary School while Caitlin and Kendall taught in Ipil National High School. In the afternoon around 4-6pm all of them goes to the New Ormoc City National High School to play with the students.

The Sports Team came from Arkansas, USA under the banner of International Sports Federation. Their main goal is to mingle, play, and teach the students in schools around the world about sports and Jesus. They aim to influence them of godly things instead of the world influencing them on drugs, immorality and worldliness.

In the Classroom
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Outside the Classroom

Tommy and Ben Teaching Outside

Where they Stay

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The Sports Clinic conducted in the schools has been tremendously successful and impacted the lives of the students. Such an impact can be seen in the parting time of the team. Students from the school came over the host’s house of the team to see them for the last time, leaving them something to remember. And as they part their ways, tears flowing in the cheeks of the younger generation not wanting them to go for they felt that the friendship that has been shared is still young to be parted.

Final Picture Taking With The Teachers
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With The Students

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Last Sunday, the team finally went home full of memories of what they had in Ormoc, Philippines. Full of hope that one day they will come back to do more and reach for more. Build more friendship and start more relationship.

To Aaron, Ben, Tommy, Kendall and Caitlin, good work guys. It has been a great priviledge working with you.:) We will be missing you!!!

The Team With The Lighthouse Shirt: (L-R) Aaron, Tommy, Kendall, Ben, Caitlin
Lighthouse Updates

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