Park-in-sin Disease A Deadly Spiritual Disease Common To Christians

Spiritual MedicineMany Christians are suffering from the deadly “park-in-sin disease”. It’s a kind of deadly spiritual disease characterized by losing of spiritual senses and spiritual feelings. Here are the following symptoms of this disease:

  1. Headache of hardheadedness and disobedience.
  2. Dizziness of Unbelief.
  3. Palpitating rebellious heart.
  4. Lost of spiritual senses
  5. Frequent vomiting of bad words and curses.
  6. Malnourished from healthy spiritual foods.

The said disease is not that hard to cure. In fact, all it needs are some natural remedy that can be easily found in the spiritual kitchen.

Immediate Cure

  1. One time immunization of Jesus medicine.
  2. 3mg of daily prayer. The higher the dosage, the better. There’s no overdose.
  3. 3mg of faith. The higher the dosage the better. This will really boost your spirtual body’s immune system.
  4. 66 capsules of Bible books.

Warning: The disease may become fatal if remains untreated for a period of time. For those who have seriously affected by the disease, a spiritual operation of diliverance might be needed.

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