Take it all by Hillsong(with chords and lyrics) a song from the album United We Stand, performed by Marty Sampson. This song is about praising God telling Him to take all our praises and worship because we’re living for His name and will never be ashamed.

Take It All

by Hillsong

Verse 1:

Searching the World, the lost will be found.
In freedom we live, as one we cryout
You carried the cross, You died and rose again.
My God, I'll only ever give my all.

Verse 2:

You sent Your Son, from heavento earth.
You delivered us all, it's eternally heard.
B                                         Abm
I searched for truth, and all i found was You.
My God, I'll only ever give my all.


B            F#
Jesus, we're livin' for Your Name.
      Abm                   E
We'll never be ashamed of You. (Whoa___)
B               F#
Our praise, and all we are today.
Take, take, take ia all. Take, take, take it all.

2-bar lead up into the bridge:
B (electric and bass)


C#m*       Abm*    F#        E
Running to the One who heals the blind
C#m*      Abm*    F#
Following the shining light
C#m*          Abm*      F#      E
In Your hands the power to save the world,
and my life.   (x2)

Bass solo: 4 bars (leading up into the chorus).

Coda (Closing):

Take, take, take it all.
Take, take, take it all.
Take, take, take it all

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