Tell the World by Hillsong United (with Chords and Lyrics) is all about wanting our Lord in our life by telling the world that He lives, He died for them and He lives again for us.

Tell the World by Hillsong United is from the album “God He Reigns” and “Look to You”.

To The Ends of the Earth – is a worship song that tells the people to believe in him and He is the only Son of God.

Forever Reign – is about running in his arms for his love is always enough for us and nothing can be compared to it.

Blessed – is definitely a beautiful song that can touch your heart. It defines those people who are called “Blessed”.

Tell the World

by Hillsong United

Bass Intro:  F# F# F# E E E C# C# D D D 

C# C# C# A A 

(Ok the bass does this all the way

to the chorus so dont think it changes but 

you can do a funk style variation like this:

F# F# E F# C# D D D C# C# C# A A)

Verse 1:

  Don't want to stand here 

and shout your praise, 

 And walk away and forget Your name.

 I stand for You if that's all all I do,

 'cause there is non that compares to You.

Pre Chorus:

       F#m                        F#m
'Cause all I want in this life is you.

And all I want in this 

whole World is You, 

You. You.


Bm7 D

A                   E
Tell the world that Jesus lives.

F#m                 D
Tell the world that. 

Tell the world that.

A                        E
Tell the world that He died for them.

F#m                     D
Tell the world that He lives again.

Verse 2:

No longer I, But Christ in me.

'Cause it's the truth that set me free.

How could this world be a better place, 

by Thy mercy, and by Thy grace.

back to pre chorus then play verse twice

then go onto Bridge 

But the drums only through

the first time then have the bass come 

in quiet then the guitars 

then whatever else  

and play it with everyone 

on the last time.


Come on, Come on, 

     Bm9              F#m   D
we'll tell the world about you.

Come on, Come on, 
    Bm9              F#m   D
we'll tell the world about you.

F#m  D

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