August 26-28, a historic 3 days for the Southern Baptist Conventions. As one body, the mission organization of the Philippine Southern Baptists was formally recognized. The main guest speaker was Dr. Jun Escosar, the Missions director of Victory Christian Fellowship.

It was a blessed three day experience for those who attended. The main message was about the necessity of missions to any Christian group. There is nothing in the world that should hinder any church to engage in mission.

We all know that engaging in mission is not a joke. It will cost energy, time, and money. But for the church, these things should not even matter. All it needs is faith, proper management and desire to follow Christ’s command.

Dr. Jun Escosar talked about his experiences and testimony of how the Victory Christian Fellowship grew to a staggering number, having one of the strongest mission work force both local and abroad. It was amazing to hear God’s guidance to a faithful church that started from financially broke students who came together and gave everything for Christ. Now, Victory is probably the fastest growing, and the largest Christian Evangelical Filipino origin Church.

The Congress is not only a time of spiritual mission revival, but it also became a reunion for us. Old friends deployed in different parts of the Philippines and even abroad are present. It was indeed a time for fellowship. I attached below some snapshots from the convention.

Christian Meeting Picture

My wife having a small group with fellow delegates.

Meeting of Leaders Picture

Leaders from different Southern Baptist Organizations in a small group.

Worship Time picture

During the worship time.

Meal Time

During the meal time.

If you attended this mission congress, feel free to leave a comment. Tell us about your wonderful experience and share this post on Facebook.

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