Answering The Issue of Marrying Unbeliever and Going To Bars

I received a letter from a friend asking me two main issues that I believe almost every Christians should be aware of.

The first issue was all about having a relationship with a non-believer. Nowadays, there are Christian singles who used to hold on to the idea of having a relationship with a non believer, and after wards, they will try to share them the gospel until it becomes a Christian.

Most of these Christians point out to some “very rare” cases of a believer-non believer marital relationship that worked out well.

The second issue was about going to bars or music lounges. Is it ok for a Christian to go to these kind of places?

Here are my answers:

The issues are almost the same where ever we are. Here are the things that we can do:
Issue 1
1. Human reasoning: Basing on my personal experience, about 95% of those who “compromise” marrying a non-believer, resulted into catastrophic relationship to both God and to their own relationship. Only 5% went well, and then later on their partner became a Christian.

The problem is, we have been focused in that “VERY LITTLE” chance of a good life, where we can really have a FAR BETTER life in following God’s WILL.

Most of them suffered from many difficulties and Spiritual struggles in their spiritual lives, and more than 80% of those went out from the church and had miserable lives. Now ask them, “Was it really worth taking the risk?”

2. Emotional and Soul Reasoning: We can always give reason for things we want, but what about, “what God wants?”

3. BIBLICAL Reasoning: The Bible is very clear, “Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial.” Obviously, we can do everything we want, but in the end, we have to be reminded that God is not blind in seeing us how we glorify Him, and what kind of life we are living.

Issue 2
1. Biblically speaking, Jesus did not went to “pleasurable hang out areas” of the sinners, but to the “houses” and places where the “lost” suffers and need Him.

2. Paul said, “to the Jew, I became like a Jew, to the Greeks, I became like a Greek.” These does not imply “doing exactly the same thing as Jew or Greeks” are doing, but maintaining a relationship with them so that he can teach Godly ways. In fact, it is more like becoming to them a good example of a Christian Greek, and a Christian Jew.

3. We have to note again that the Bible really speaks against pleasures of this world (various passages, you may want to check the concordance for this). Just, a simple question, when we go to Bars like Hard Rock Cafe, can we really go there “without any hint of going there for pleasure?” Sounds like HYPOCRITES when they say “we can do that!” isn’t it?

In the end, we cannot force them if they really want to continue to Hypocritical reasoning or not. But I think, the best way to show them what is right is the way we live. 🙂 Certainly, we cannot preach something that we do not do or else we will fall like hypocritical liars.

Well, I do hope some of these helped you as you are reading this article. If you have some further questions, please feel free to ask again.:) For better understanding and meditation of what I am saying, I strongly suggest that you read and meditate on 2 Timothy 4:1-5

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