“In the Day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my Gospel.”

Romans 2:16

Knowing this will either draw us closer to Him or drive us further away.

Nothing hidden.

That’s the message contained in today’s Manna.  And, apart from His Mercy, none of us can bear this eternal Reality.

When the anonymous author of the Epistle to the Hebrews wrote Heb. 4:12 his fertile mind was focused upon the Jewish sacrificial system.  While describing the Word of God as being “sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and marrow,” he was remembering what happened to the trembling animal as they prepared it for sacrifice.

After the penitent worshipper confessed his sins over the animal, the priest would then slit its throat, letting its life’s blood pour out.  He would then take his sharp knife and begin halving the poor beast upward from the tip of its nose, along the top of its head, down its backbone and all the way to its tailbone.  That’s why he talked about “the dividing asunder of the joints and marrows.”  Even the spinal column itself had to be laid open.

Why was this?

Simply because the sacrificial animal had to be “without blemish” both outwardly and inwardly.  Even if it had no visible sores or blemishes externally, it still was unacceptable if a tumor or some other defect was discovered within its internal organs.

And, that’s why the Apostle Paul’s words in today’s Manna cause us to tremble, even as do the words “and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” in Heb. 4:12c.  Not only does our all-seeing God know our thoughts, words and deeds; He also knows the “intents (motives) of our heart” and the “secrets (Grk. ‘krupta’—‘that which is concealed, hidden from view, private, etc.’) of our heart.”

Again, dear Pilgrim, “NOTHING is hidden from His all-seeing Eye” (Obadiah 6; I Cor. 4:5).  That’s why we should never think otherwise and pretend we’re something that we’re not.  He knows.  He always knows.  All the secret things we say in private.  All the secret thoughts we hide in our head or heart.  All the secret words we mutter under our breath.  All the secret things we do when know one’s looking.

He knows, Pilgrim.  He always knows.

And, “on that Day He will judge them by Jesus Christ.”

That’s why we must come to Him in total desperation, crying “O Jesus, I have no hope apart from You.  Please have Mercy on me.”  And, have Mercy on us He will—as we come to Him in faith and repentance.  Even now, this One, Who alone is qualified to judge and condemn, is praying for us at God’s right Hand (Rom. 8:33-34; Heb. 7:24-25).  But, the time will come when He will judge with a righteous Judgment—and woe to those who’ve trusted in themselves.

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