“. . .the poor commits himself to You; You are the Helper of the fatherless.”

Psalm 10:14b

All around us it seems that wickedness is winning

As evil runs rampant throughout the land;

They sin with nary a twinge of conscience

And always seem to have the upper-hand.

So many families are falling apart

And churches are lukewarm;

It’s enough to send us into perplexity and despair

As the devil’s forces do great harm.

But in the midst of such sin and degradation

There comes a Voice from on high,

“Do not fear, My precious child,

For I do hear and am really quite nigh.”

To the homeless, He’s a Shelter;

To the lonely, a trusted Friend.

To the brokenhearted, He’s the Comforter

Who’ll be with you to the very end.

To the poor, He’s the Supplier;

To the sinful, the Savior Who forgives.

And to the orphan who’s been abandoned,

He’s the Reason they have to live.

Although we cannot see our Helper

When trials are many and friends are few,

He’s there just the same to comfort and to guide

In all we think, say and do.

That’s why we must ever live by faith,

Entrusting our lives to Him—

For it’s only in such sweet surrender

That we’re safeguarded from error and whim.

So, give Him your hopes and your dreams today

O weary pilgrim through life,

For the Lord has promised to never forsake you

In difficulties and in strife.

–Tom Smith

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