There is nothing Like by Hillsong (with chords and lyrics) a worship song from the album Look to You. This song is about His incomparable love for us and there no other one who can give it to us.

There Is Nothing Like

by Hillsong

Intro: C#m E B/D#

Verse 1:
C#m    E        B/D#      
Father true and merciful, 

 C#m    E        B
bound to me with love.

C#m     E    B/D#         C#m E B/D#
Adopted in free from all sin

C#m    E      B/D#            
Jesus, Savior glorified, 

     C#m       E         B
your offering none could give.

  C#m     E        B
I stand before You humbled and in awe.


    A          F#m      
And all to You God, 

    C#m       E   F#7
for all You are to me


There is nothing like. 

                 C#m - A
There is nothing like

     E          B
Your love. Your love.

There is nothing like. 

                 C#m - A
There is nothing like

     E          F#7
Your love. Your love.

Verse 2:
C#m  E       B/D#            
Holy Spirit, gift of God. 

 C#m      E        B/D#
Teach my soul to soar.

C#m      E       B            C#m 
Train me in Your Holy ways oh Lord.

E    B/D# 


I'll love You forever, 

     C#m       B             
I'll love You forever, 

     A        C#m          B
I'll love You forever Lord


I'll love You forever, 

I'll love You forever. (x4 then solo)

F#m C#m B

Verse 1
Pre Chorus
Verse 2
Pre Chorus
Chorus (x However many times you 
want/you can add a prechorus or 
two in there also)

Chorus until end

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