Harold Camping and May 21, 2011 Prediction

Harold Camping's May 21, 2011 End of Time prediction did not come to pass.

Harold Camping, a religious leader who predicted that the end of times will happen on May 21, 2011 failed. This is the summary of all his issues on the end of times. The religious group right now is facing a catastrophic ridicules and branding for the failed prophecy last May 21.

Even their website www.familyradio.com immediately changed a new look and a new brand. Before, it features a count down at the end of times, but now it has a totally different look.

Today, I want to discuss 3 main things about the end of times and why should we be careful in believing religious groups that set dates.

Apocalypse Cannot Be Predicted

While apocalypse, or the second coming of Christ was prophesied in the Bible, it just can’t be predicted when. Even scholars debate on things on what kind of calendar are they going to use in calculating the possible date. So this means that, it’s not only the group of Camping that calculates the time of the second coming. See here about True Prophecy vs. False Prophecy.

The Bible is very clear as Jesus said in Matthew 24:36;

“No one knows about that day or hour not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father…”

My question is, is this statement from our Lord Jesus hard to understand???

I do believe that signs of the end of times are here, famines, wars, flooding, earthquakes, etc.. is already at hand and slowly coming to pass. But Jesus made it clear that even so, we will never know when is the exact time.

Matthew 24:24 says;

“For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect…”

How can we now see groups such as Camping’s???

Apocalypse CANNOT BE PREDICTED. We can see the sign, but we CANNOT and WILL NOT know the exact date and time. I hope Christians around the world will read this and be warned for false prophets and read Matthew 24 and take heed of what it says.

See here about some of the Events At The End of Times.

We Need To Be Ready

Nonetheless, all of us need to be ready at all times. We should understand that rapture may happen anytime, it may be after a minute or after a second, or maybe after a year, we don’t know. All we can do is to be ready at all times.

If there are things that we can learn from Camping’s group, it will be piety and zealousness in waiting for the Lord. I just hope that his members will not lose hope of the coming of our Lord, they need to be zealous in it. But they need to forget about date settings for them to cope up with the true faith.

Apocalypse Will Sure To Happen

End of times will sure to happen, period. The biggest mistake of the May 21, 2011 prediction is the act of predicting the exact date. NO ONE KNOWS. That’s just it. We don’t need to be hard headed in discovering this hidden truth.

We need to understand that not all mysteries has been revealed to us. What we can be assured of is that all those mysteries that where revealed is already enough for us to believe that Jesus is Lord, and what he said are true.

We can still learn from what happened, we need to be careful in setting dates. It’s not God’s way.

Learn more about Eschatology.

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