Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2010 is still up. If you haven’t done Vacation Bible School yet, it is not too late. Materials are still available and some are still about to be issued. So I decided to list the best materials that you can get for huge discounts.

752508: SonQuest Rainforest VBS Super Starter Kit

SonQuest Rainforest VBS Super Starter Kit

By Gospel Light

Lead Kids to Jesus with the VBS based on John 3:16

Bring your kids to SonQuest Rainforest VBS—an experience of discovery they’ll never forget! Based on five key Bible verses that will change a child’s life—including John 3:16—SonQuest Rainforest VBS transports young minds into a vivid rainforest environment of jungle sounds, sights and smells, where they’ll dig into the Bible and meet Jesus in every day’s story.

  • Rockin’ Rainforest Assemblies
  • Rockin’ Assemblies DVD
  • Daily Challenge Pennants
  • Rainforest Decor and more
  • Tropical Treehouse Posters and Props (Pre-K )
  • SonQuest Rainforest Poster Pack (Elem.)
  • Wall cut outs
  • Amazing Amazon Adventure DVD
  • SonQuest Rainforest Music and More CD
  • SonQuest Music Leader DVD and CD
  • SonQuest Critter Cards (1 set)
  • SonQuest Key Chain
  • Bible Translation: NIV

    438951: High Seas Expedition VBS Ultimate Starter Kit

    High Seas Expedition VBS Ultimate Starter Kit

    By Group Publishing

    Bible Points:

    1. God’s Word is true.
    God frees Peter from prison. Acts 12:1-19

    2. God’s Word is comforting.
    God comforts Paul in a storm at sea. Acts 27

    3. God’s Word is surprising.
    Paul survives a bite by a poisonous snake. Acts 28:1-10

    4. God’s Word is life-changing.
    Peter and John teach about Jesus. Acts 3:1-4:12

    5. God’s Word is for everyone.
    The community of believers share. Acts 2:42-47

    Uses the kid-friendly New Living Translation – NLT.

    Director Resources:

    Ultimate Director Go-To Guide
    Clip Art & Resources CD NEW!
    Decorating Places DVD
    Recruiting, Overview, ; Pass-Along Training DVD
    Group’s VBS Web Toy Box
    Mailable Follow-Up Foto Frame
    Certificate of Completion
    Samples Poster
    Invitation Postcard
    Bulletin Insert
    Publicity Poster

    Volunteer Resources:

    14 easy-to-delegate, full-color guides for each station (elementary & preschool)
    Chadder’s Adventure DVD
    Sing Play Splash Music DVD
    Sing Play Splash Music CD/Leader Version

    Student Resources:

    Set of iOpeners Student Cards
    Preschool Bible Book
    Set of 5 Bible Memory Buddies®
    7 Bible Point Crafts
    Name Badge
    Iron-on Transfer


    439321: Egypt: Joseph"s Journey from Prison to Palace VBS Starter Kit

    Egypt: Joseph’s Journey from Prison to Palace VBS Starter Kit

    By Group Publishing

    Experience the thrill of visiting ancient Egypt! Transform your church into an Egyptian village with shops in the Marketplace to visit. Participants will make authentic Egyptian crafts, take part in ancient games, and taste original foods. Meeting and listening to what Joseph has to teach will be most exciting of all!

    Please note: If your Egypt VBS Kit looks different than what is pictured here, it is due to the demand for Egypt VBS going far beyond the projections of the publisher. They have run out of the original containers and have decided to use the original shipping boxes as the VBS kit containers from here on out.

    Bible Points:

    1. God gives us hope, Jeremiah 29:11
    2. God gives us special abilities – Romans 12:6
    3. God gives us wisdom – James 1:5
    4. God gives us forgiveness – Nehemiah 9:17
    5. God gives us a family – Galatians 3:26

    Uses the kid friendly New Living Translation (NLT).

    Director Resources:
    Ultimate Director Go-To Guide
    Group’s VBS Web Toy Box
    Invitation postcard
    Publicity poster
    God Sighting Stone
    Building Blocks Family Devotional Booklet
    Spend a While on the Nile: Recruiting, Overview Pass-Along Training DVD
    Volunteer Resources:
    Joseph’s Journey Leader Manual
    Shopkeeper Manual
    Pyramid Playground Leader Manual (games)
    Family Time Leader Manual and Teaching Kit
    Celebration Leader Manual (music)

    Student Resources:
    Celebration Music Leader Version CD
    Notes from the Nile Student Book
    Bible Memory Makers
    Follow-Up Foto Frame
    Name badge sticker
    Family belt
    Sticker sheet
    Iron-on transfer
    Certificate of completion
    Sample silver coins (3)
    Coin pouch Marketplace Shop Sample Pack:
    Decorative Egyptian Headband
    Senet Board Game Kit
    Sculpted Paper Sarcophagus
    Cairo Collar Kit
    Hieroglyphic Necklace Kit
    Miniature Woven Bread Basket Kit

    760016: SeaQuest VBS Introductory Kit--NKJV

    SeaQuest VBS Introductory Kit–NKJV

    By Regular Baptist Press

    Jesus told stories full of clues, clues that reveal God deeply lovespeople and views each one as a valuable treasure. He actively seeks Hisaudience.

    Jesus also told stories that called for adecision, challenging those who heard Him to active obedience. Studentsare urged to value God, His love, and His Word as great treasures, andto demonstrate love for God by choosing to obey His commands.

    SeaQuest: Diving for God’s Treasureencourages students to dive into God’s Word and find valuable treasurefor their lives. God loves us so much that He sent His greatesttreasure—Jesus. Students are challenged to give God first place intheir lives and to use their God-given treasure of time, talents, andmoney to serve God.

    What’s Included:
    Director’s Materials

  • Director’s Guide
  • Director’s Resource CD
  • Thank-you Card
  • Classroom Materials

  • Teacher Books (2s; 3s – Youth)
  • Activity Sheets (2s ; 3s – Junior)
  • Youth Exploration Handbook
  • Adult Leader’s Guide
  • Adult Student Book
  • Promotional Helps

  • Theme Poster
  • Jumbo Theme Poster
  • Invitation Flyer
  • Doorknob Hanger
  • Postcard
  • Bulletin Cover
  • Crafts

  • Craft Ideas Book
  • Under-the-Sea Stamp
  • Music

  • SeaQuest Melodies CD
  • Attendance

  • Attendance Chart
  • Nametag
  • Registration Card
  • SeaQuest Diver’s Log with Stickers
  • Evangelism

  • Salvation Poster
  • Gospel Bookmark
  • 5 Salvation Tracts
  • Welcome to the Family
  • Family Fun Sheet
  • Operation Love Poster
  • Gifts & Awards

  • SeaQuest Bag
  • SeaQuest Pouch
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Pencil
  • Balloon
  • Theme Button
  • Logo Sticker
  • Iron-on
  • Sticky Notepad
  • SeaQuest Flyer
  • SeaQuest Treasure Coin
  • Happy Fish
  • 36″ Clown Fish Inflatable
  • Under-the-Sea Stamp
  • Promotional DVD

  • SeaQuest Intro Video
  • Operation Love: Kenya Video
  • Church Presentation Video
  • Catalog

    773901: Hero Headquarters VBS 2010 Power Pak

    Hero Headquarters VBS 2010 Power Pak

    By Standard Publishing

    At Hero Headquarters, kids will

    • be introduced to Amazing Bible heros and a life focus
    • explore how to be heroes for God
    • work at creative Power projects and activities that will help them remember to take action for God
    • make and eat Super snacks
    • play Action games that work on their hero skills
    • have Super hero fun

    all related to the Bible hero and life focus of the day.

    You get everything that’s in the Starter Kit…

    • Planning DVD
    • Planbook
    • Director’s Guide
    • PreSchool Director’s Guide
    • Amazing Bible Heroes Leader’s Guide
    • Power Projects Leader’s Guide
    • Super Snacks Leader’s Guide
    • Action Games Leader’s Guide
    • Hero HQ Opening Closing Leader’s Guide
    • Hero HQ Music CD (reproducible!)
    • Teacher books student handbooks (8 products!)
    • Exclusive Director’s Bible Pin Pal
    • Power Bursts
    • Samples of publicity items
    • Samples of decorating items
    • Samples Worldwide Crafts Brochure


    • HHQ Character Costume Kit
    • Theme Pack
    • Art Decorating CD
    • Life Focus Poster Pack
    • Site Names Poster Pack
    • NEW! Kid Views DVD
    828109: Soul Survivor VBS Deluxe Kit

    Soul Survivor VBS Deluxe Kit

    By Bogard Press

    VBS 2010 – Soul Survivors on Danger Island

    Series Theme Verse: In all these things we are

    more than conquerors through him that loved us,”
    Romans 8:37KJV

    Setting: Danger Island, where there are extreme

    survival conditions and many hazards. The setting
    for each lesson is in a different part of the island.
    In each setting the pupil will earn how to survive and
    thrive as a Christian. There are daily dangers
    facing Christians that steal their joy and hinder their
    walk with God.
    But each soul can survive and
    thrive as he or she learns and applies God’s Word.
    Each lesson will share the Survivor’s Solutions to the

    Series Aim: The student will recognize spiritual
    danger and will learn how to conquer the enemy
    with God’s help.

    Life application: How will your soul survive the
    dangers of life? How will your soul survive on Danger Island?

    Bible Translation: KJV

    Deluxe Starter Kit contents:

    • Director’s Plan Book
    • Preschool Activity Pages (stickers included)
    • Kindergarten Activity Pages (stickers included)
    • Preschool/Kindergarten Teacher and Visual Aids
    • Beginner Activity Pages (stickers included),
      Teacher and Visual Aids
    • Primary Activity Pages (stickers included),
      Teacher and Visual Aids
    • Junior Activity Pages (stickers included),
      Teacher and Visual Aids
    • Young Teen Student Book, Teacher and Visual Aids
    • Teen Student Book, Teacher and Visual Aids
    • Adult Lessons
    • Craft Book
    • Game Book
    • Survival Guide (stickers included)
    • Coloring Book
    • Achievement Certificate
    • Appreciation Certificate
    • Plastic Name Tag Holder
    • Room Decorations Transparency Book
    • Resource CD
    • Nylon Room Banner (Set of 5)
    • Songbook
    • Music CD&
    • Music Transparency Book
    • Name Tag
    • Lanyard
    • Bookmark
    • Publicity Poster
    • Poster Pak (Set of 6)
    • Salvation Tract
    • Attendance Chart (stickers included);
    • Pencil
    • Tote Bag
    • T-Shirt (Youth Large 14-16)
    • Iron-on Transfer
    • Nylon Theme Banner
    • Bracelet
    • Bandana
    • Block Set Puzzle
    • Bulletin Cover
    • Bulletin Insert
    • Daily Icon (Set of 5)
    • Island Location Sign (Set of 12)
    • Island Scene (Lesson 5 – Boggy Swamp
      with Instructions)
    • Vinyl Banner
    • VBS Catalog

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