“Giving thanks unto the Father, Who has made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light—Who has delivered us from the power of darkness and has translated us into the Kingdom of His dear Son, in Whom we have redemption through His Blood, even the forgiveness of sins.”

Colossians 1:12-14

It’s a process of perfecting and purifying—but the end-result is never in doubt.

“Who has made us meet.”

Those are the “words for the day,” Pilgrim.  Read them again:  “Who has made us meet.”  This is one time the King James word leaves us a bit bewildered; however, when we realize it comes from the Greek word “hikanoo” and basically means “to enable, qualify, make competent, ample, sufficient, etc.,” we realize He will make sure there’s nothing lacking in us when it’s all said and done.

Isn’t that a wonderful thought, weary one?

Assuredly it is.

So lighten up a bit on yourself if you’ve “grown weary (Grk. ‘ekkakeo’—‘to become weak, fail in heart, feel worthless, etc.’) in well-doing” (Gal. 6:9a) and forgotten “in due season you’ll reap if you faint not” (v.9b).

Our Heavenly Father specializes in “transformation and translation.”  Hallelujah!!

He’s the One Who “has MADE us meet.”  It’s not the result of our struggling and striving; it’s something “obtained,” not “attained.”

Does that mean we just sit back and do nothing?  No, not at all—for we are “LABORERS together with God” (I Cor. 3:9) in a “cooperative Co-Mission” (Mt. 28:18-20).  However, because of “Grace received” we’re able to “give thanks unto the Father”. . .knowing He’s making us “fit for His use” (II Tim. 2:21). . .and transforming us from wretched sinners into “partakers of His inheritance as saints of light.”  Glory!!

And how does He do this?

By “delivering us from the power (Grk. ‘exousia’—‘force, mastery, control, influence, etc.’) of darkness and translating (Grk. ‘methistemi’—‘to transfer, carry away, remove, take away, etc.’) us into the Kingdom of His dear Son” (cf. Eph. 2:1-10).

Another way to look at it is the translating from one language to another.  When you visit a foreign country, you can’t speak the local language; so, you have to have a translator to interpret and help you communicate.  None of us by nature can speak “the language of Heaven;” neither do we know the culture and customs of that Fair Land and are by nature quite odious and offensive to the One Who reigns there, even though we don’t want to be.

But, do not fear.

Our Translator will “make us meet” by His Blood, which “transforms and translates.”  It is His Blood which shields our offenses from the King’s view and grants us permanent residency in His Celestial City.  Isn’t this a wonderful thought, Pilgrim?  Go forth today “filled, being fruitful in every good work, increasing in your knowledge of Him and strengthened by His might.”  Your transforming Translator will take care of the rest.

By Tom Smith Morning Manna Dated December 6, 2009

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