“The horse is prepared against the day of battle—but safety is of the Lord.”

Proverbs 21:31

     There’s no safer place to be than the hollow of His Hand.

     Fear.  Trepidation.  Anxiety.  Uncertainty.

     Such are the watchwords of our generation.  That’s why we have more types of insurance programs than any other time in history.  But, in reality they do not insure that nothing bad will come our way; they’re simply “assurance programs” that seek to lessen our worries over any ills that may come our way in the future.
     Yet, even they are meager comfort at best—especially with all the fine print, untrustworthy corporate executives, shaky financial systems, etc.

     That’s why our only, true peace-of-mind is found in the Lord Jesus, not anyone else.
     “The horse prepared against the day of battle” is a poignant one that conjures up the picture of a coming conflict.  The two opposing sides have squared off against each other, perhaps on two hillsides facing each other and overlooking a valley.
     The soldiers’ armor is glistening in the early morning sunlight.  And, the horses, which sense that danger lies ahead, are wide-eyed, snorting, frothing at the mouth and pawing at the earth.  Their riders sit high in the saddle, their eyes focused across the vale at the enemy they soon shall engage in battle.
     And meet they will.

     The sound of clanging swords. . .shouts of “Charge!”. . .later the moans of those who lay dying will echo across that valley.  And, some will emerge victorious, while others will lie lifeless in defeat.
     But, no sword or “horse prepared against the day of battle” can give us safety in such times; neither can bombs, bullets and missiles.

     Only the Lord God can give us “peace that passes all understanding” in the day of battle or the midst of a storm (Phil. 4:4-9; Jn. 14:27; Mk. 4:37-38).

     Only He can do that.
     That’s why it’s imperative that we place our faith and trust in Him, Pilgrim.  He alone—the Risen Lord—is the “Anchor of soul, both sure and steadfast” (Heb. 6:17-20).  He alone is the unshakable Rock of our salvation (Mt. 7:24-27; Ps. 95:1).
     No pills or potion can calm you in the “dark night of the soul.”  No arm of flesh can comfort you when you heart has been broken in two.  No words of cheer can assuage your anguish of mind when darkness is all that you see.

     Only Jesus can do that.

     Trust Him—for in Him the Battle has already been won and Victory is assured.

By Tom Smith Morning Manna Dated April 18, 2010

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