Tupang Ligaw was originally sung by Rez Valdez which later on popularized by Papuri Singers. It is one of the most popular Tagalog Christian songs around the 80’s which remains to be sung until today. Tupang Ligaw means “Lost Sheep”. Apart from Christ, we will just be like a lost sheep. And all things are of no value unless Christ is not in us. I hope You will love the song!

Tupang Ligaw

By: Rez Valdez

G                D                 F#m         Em
Malapit na namang lumubog ang araw
F#m        Em        C          D
Dilim ng gabi’y darating na naman
C                D
Sa Paghimlay mo
G                        Em
Isip mo’y maglalakbay
C                       D
Nakatanaw sa kawalan
G                D
Lumipas na naman
F#m                     Em
ang isang araw sa buhay
F#m                    Em
Takbo ng buhay mo’y
C              D
Di mo namamalayan
C               D
SA bawat sandaling
G                     Em
Darating at papanaw
C                                  D
Buhay moy Tila parang Kulang

G                       D                C   Em
Kayamanan at lahat na kalayawan
C                   D            G-D
Wala pala itong kabuluhan
G                    D              C                Em
Kung si Kristo ay wala pa sa aiyong buhay
C              D                        G
Para kang isang tupang ligaw

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