Unveiled At Last | Discover God’s Hidden Message from Genesis To Revelation

Finally, the sequel of Cat and Dog Theology is now available in the Philippines!

Do you ever wonder why the “Great Commission” was called the “Great” Commission? Unveiled At Last by Bob Sjogren talks about the Great Commission and clearly explains the great mission that is ahead of us which was started in the book of Genesis and still a work in progress in the book of Revelation.

The Philippine print is actually revised and updated for Filipino readers so you can expect a more contextualized content. The revisions and contextualization was made possible by Jojo Manzano a professor in Asian Theological Seminary.

Personal Opinion About the Book

Unveiled At Last is a book that will open up your eyes about the bold truths of God’s plan as He worked in the history of His people from the time of Abraham and up to the time of the so-called Christians. As it was said, from Genesis to Revelation.

Lots of things has been forgotten in the missional efforts of Christianity and it has evolved into many different forms which made us focused everything on ourselves and sometimes “for” ourselves.

We often hear the words; “God loves us”, “God saved us”, “God wants us to be better people”, etc. Each one of these is true, but we are missing the whole point of our existence.

The Cat and Dog Theology book corrected our inner struggle in focusing on ourselves. Now this book, Unveiled At Last teaches us the actual application of what was learned in Cat and Dog theology. It will realign our minds on our purpose of coming to church and in serving God.

“It is not all about ourselves, it is all about God“

Often times we come to church thinking to fed spiritually and to be blessed. But how many of us think that we need to come to church to worship God in “spirit and in truth”, to please Him in all aspect of our lives? I guess only a few would have thought that.

Who Should Read This Book?

I believe that even the young people should start learning what the book is reminding. Please note that I did not use “what was taught by the book” because this book is only an instrument to better understand what was said in the Scriptures and to reiterate God’s purpose in us and how He worked in history.

The Young Professionals should also read this book. The “Young Pro” group in our churches can be the most flexible and dynamic people that can contribute many things for the expansion of God’s kingdom. All they need is to have the right alignment of their minds when it comes to missions, church planting and ministry.

The Deacons should read this book since they are the people who were already involve in the ministries of the church. This book will in somehow help you realize that you need to be working “with” your pastor and your church, and not by “imposing” of what you want to happen in the church. This book will “unveil to you” the truths of what should be in the hearts and minds of each Christian especially in the area of missions.

I highly recommend this to Pastors who desires to have their church involve in missions. This will help you understand on how important it is for us to become instruments of this valuable work. I would say that each pastor should be involve in mission in one way or another. May it be in support, prayer, or even become a front liner sometimes. Furthermore, the things that you will be learning from this book is a real treasure when you start discipling other people to be involve in the ministry.

Where can we get this book?

The Philppine print was published by Church Strengthening Ministry. I think its already available in the market so grab your copy now and learn a lot.

For more details about the book, click Unveiled At Last.

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