VBS Graduation

Our VBS 2009 has just finished. We had a pretty good graduation ceremony. We have about 205 enrollees this year, and it is the biggest VBS that we have conducted for the past 3 years. It blessed many students and even parents who have seen our efforts of teaching their children and spending time and money for people that we don’t know. And this has been a good testimony as we are just starting our ministry here in Tambulilid.

Please see the actual video below while we are having our graduation:

Some of our students testified that they like the VBS so much that they want another VBS next year. This has been the first VBS conducted in Tambulilid Elementary School and we are blessed to know that the students were all positive in their feedback including their moms.

Some parents are even requesting if we can continue to teach their children even if it is not summer. This means, that some doors have been opened for evangelism and an opportunity to share more about Christ. PTL!!!

Furthermore, we want to solicit your fervent prayers as we follow up the students who wants to attend our service here in Tambulilid. They want to learn more about God, but we still lack teachers, funds and some people who can follow up them. Rest assuredly however, we will do our best and even more to make the most of every opportunity as what we have been doing for the past two years of rigid evangelism, Bible Studies, and discipleships.

For more pictures concerning our VBS, please see my Facebook Account or K.Oggie’s Facebook Account.Just be sure that we are connected as friends.

You can also visit: www.forjesus.multiply.com or www.ahermosilla.multiply.com

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