Warrior Is A Child by Gary Valenciano was originally composed and sung in 1984 by Twila Paris.

Here in the Philippines however, it was popularized by Gary Valenciano

What I love the most with this song is that I can relate with myself with this. As a young church minister, I look at myself as a warrior of the Lord.

Yes, there has been many victories but behind that, there are also lots of defeats and hurts. Just like what has been said in the lyrics, people don’t know it because we can’t just tell it to people. What they don’t know is that the warrior is a child.

Sometimes, I feel myself to be alone especially in my saddest moments in battles and I only have one strength left, that is the one that coming from our Lord.

Warrior is A Child

by Gary Valenciano

G C9 D C9

  G           D           
Lately I've been winning 

     C9             D
battles left and right

   G            D           
But even winners can get 

    C9           D
wounded in the fight

    Em                  G
People say that I'm amazing

     Em               D
I'm strong beyond my years

     Em                 G
But they don't see inside of me

       C9            D
I'm hiding all the tears


They don't know that I come running 

  C9                D
home when I fall down

They don't know who picks me up 

          C9          D
when no one is around

I drop my sword and 

 C9             G      D
cry for just a while
(Look up for His smile)

      Em                G
'Coz deep inside this armor

        C9           D    (G)
The warrior is a child

Unafraid because His 

   C9          D
armor is the best 

But even soldiers need a 

   C9              D
quiet place to rest

 Em                   C9
People say that I'm amazing

      G             D
I never face retreat, oh no

          Em                 G
But they don't see the enemies

          C9            D
That lay me at His feet

Repeat Chorus 2X

This is dedicated to Gab... 

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