“Simon Peter said unto Him, ‘Lord, not my feet only, but also my hands and my head’.”

John 13:9

So often I offer only crumbs to Him—
This One Whom I call Lord;
He supplies my needs from His abundant supply,
Which none of us can afford.
Yet, so lovingly He continues to give His best
To me in my hour of need,
Giving Mercy and Grace so undeserved
Even when His Voice I do not heed.
Why should this One, so grieved and scorned,
Continue to love me so?
It’s only because He’s a faithful Friend,
Whose heart He wants me to know.
“Serve Me by washing others’ feet,”
He whispers in the night so still,
“For it’s in serving them you also serve Me
And fulfill My sovereign will.
“That’s why you must be surrendered to Me
And be cleansed from secret sins—
For your heart is My Throne and I am Your Lord,
Who will guide your life from within.”
As I ponder His Words, so simple and true,
Hot tears flow down my face;
Too often I only offer part of myself
While fleeing His tender embrace.
But, when I remember all He’s done for me
By giving to me His all,
How can I offer Him less than my best
If by His Name I am called?
“O Lord, today I surrender to You anew
And ask You to cleanse me from all sin;
Wash Me thoroughly by Your Spirit and the Word
As My Master and loving Best Friend.”
                                                                                                       –Tom Smith

Morning Manna Dated April 1, 2010

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