We All Bow Down By Lenny LeBlanc is definitely a beautiful worship song. I have just found it in Youtube. I do hope you will also love the song.
I just notice that Lenny LeBlanc sometimes uses some of the back ups of Don Moen.

We All Bow Down

By Lenny LeBlanc

1. Princes and paupers, 

   A        Em       Bm
sons and daughters,

G            A          D                  
Knell at the throne of grace.....

Loser and winners

Em          Bm       
Saints and sinners...

G             D       A
one day we'll see His face


A      D   Bm   A     
And we all bow down....

 D              Bm          F#m
Kings will surrender their crowns....

    G   D     A7    Bm          
And worship...Je....sus.... 

   G         A      G         D
for He is the love...unfailing love.....

G         A         D
He is the love...of God...

   D          A        
2. Summer and winter, 

Em                   Bm
the mountains and the rivers,

G           A        D                 
Whisper the Savior's name,  

              A         Em            Bm
Awesome and holy, the friend to the


G           D         A
Forever His love will reign..

D        Bm    G       D        
He's the light of the world.......

A   Bm   G      A
and Lord of the cross


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