Things To Prepare Before Going To Mission

All people have needs, so as missionaries. There are several things that a new missionary should prepare before going to mission. Some missionaries focuses on material aspect, some in emotional aspect, some in spiritual aspect, while some in physical aspect.

All these areas needs to be satisfied, no doubt about that. Let us discuss it one by one.

The Material Needs

I have met some people who wants to be a missionary. And for them, they need to posses some few things before they go to mission field. Here are some of the things that includes these material needs:

Digital Camera – Many short term missionaries really considered this as one of the most important things that they need to have. Of course, they do not want to miss taking pictures in places where they will go. Taking pictures on what they have done while they are in their respective ministry.

Laptop – Of course, if you have a digital camera, it is always best that it will also come with a laptop. It is good to be writing your experiences and emailing all your friends at the soonest possible time.

Good Back Pack – If you have a better and a hardworking back pack, the better. It is good to have your things packed in a real nice bag which is easy to carry. Though, you really don’t need to be bringing lots of stuffs if you are traveling in mission trips, it is still better to have this necessary equipment.

Pocket Money – If you are in a trip, almost everything needs to be paid, and almost nothing is free. Note that the first time that you become a missionary does not make you automatically a part of your target people. It takes time to indulge yourself in your target group and for the mean time, you are still a foreigner, it could mean that you will have to spend a lot (not true all the time, but sometimes).

The Emotional Needs

Missionaries should be emotionally ready if they really want to go to the mission field. It will be hard for them if they are not emotionally ready and then being exposed in places that are strange to them. It may cause them some detrimental effects, and in some extreme cases, emotional breakdown.

If your mission organization have missionary care support, the better. It can really help you if you are a missionary. I know a mission organization that have an excellent missionary care group.

Physical Needs

Usually if you are under a mission organization, before you are deployed to the mission field, you have to undergo first some physical examinations. This will ensure that you are physically fit to be deployed in place where your body is not used to.

You have to know yourself physically as well. Know if you have some allergies or any diseases that may affect your performance in the field. Going to the mission field is not easy and may cause you some physical problems that may affect your health. If you are sickly, your finances may also be affected.

Spiritual Needs

I think this is the most important thing that a missionary should consider. Going to a mission field may become spiritually draining especially if you are first timer. Again, a support group may really be a good help.

Another thing that you might want to prepare is a prayer support group. It is always best if you have some people praying for you all the time. I strongly suggest that you recruit first a group of prayer partners first before going to the mission field.


There is no doubt that a missionary necessarily need these 4 aspects of needs especially in the mission field. But wait a minute, if you are a missionary, do you know what do you necessarily need in the mission field?

Do missionaries really have to be concern first and foremost to the gadgets and equipments that they should have first before they need to be concern to other important matters like spiritual needs?

I have seen “wanna be” missionaries who have all the gadgets, but never had the rest? Are material things our first and foremost concern before others?

Please post your own opinions below.:)

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