What if Starbucks Marketed Like a Church? A Parable” is a comedy video about our contemporary Church traditions and ways. I have seen this video in one of the websites of Organic Church people. Very funny, but there are really truths in it. Our Churches are like this and are now out of focus. Our Churches tend to attract people to come in. In contrast to what the Bible say, our churches is suppose to be emphasizing the going out and spreading the gospel.

There is  nothing wrong in attracting people to come to Church. In fact, in our contemporary time, I believe that is also important that we will have a presentable Church. But to be imbalance with the emphasis of our programs and giving more weight in attracting people is getting out of focus.

People will not come naturally inside the Church. There are some people who voluntarily comes in the Church and then believed in Jesus Christ and saved, but the percentages is too low. Oppossite to this is that more people are coming in because they were invited by somebody, or someone ministered to them, some have attended a mission crusade etc. This is just a clear indication that attracting people is good to do but not a very effective way to tell people about Christ.

The purpose of Organic Church movement is to go back to the original NT way of worship and being in the Church which I believe is good. However, still we need to be extra careful to not to fall in legalism especially if we are already doing Organic Church since the Bible did not gave us a protocol nor a step by step way of having a Church, and how to worship God. It only presented general things. Furthermore, most practices in NT Church are very applicable for them which might be totally or partially different to what we have now concerning the culture and traditions that we have.

We also have to remember that NT Churches have their own Church traditions and was proliferated by the community of early Christians which is partially different to what we are having now, but by principle, it is basically the same thing.

Organic Church Movement is becoming more popular as time goes by. I just hope that as we go back to the orginal NT Church way, we will not fall into legalism but applying the principles found in NT Church and not just by copying what they are doing.

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