Let’s talk a little bit about what’s happening in our country. I think it is also our responsibility to know our candidates. When I thought I have no choice but to choose the least evil among the candidates for the upcoming presidential election, Duterte finally announced his candidacy. However, I am puzzled with these statements.

Questions began to run in my mind, would Duterte support our case vs China or is he going to shake hands with China and give in to what they want and allow them to occupy our territory?  I don’t want to give any conclusion on this, but this makes me think harder and I want to know more about his policy about this issue.

China claims nearly the entire West Philippine Sea while the Philippines only claim its territory within its 200 nautical miles of its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

I always believe that China’s claim is completely garbage and is baseless since they have no concrete evidence of their claims. While the Philippines on the other hand have its historical claims with the evidence of very old maps. And as far as I see it, China never wanted to participate in Tribunal because they simply cannot prove their claims. And the only way to take advantage of the situation is for them to enter into bilateral talks where they can show off their military muscles which we don’t have.

Now that you have heard a glimpse of his opinion concerning West Philippine Sea, what do you think?

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