Election time is coming and you will hear again all these promises coming from politicians. You may or may not be supporting a politician as of the moment. But I know there are many Christians who have become die-hard supporters of politicians. And this makes it more toxic, seeing your fellow Christians sharing and liking propaganda, lies and fake news. 

The first thing that we have to establish here is that, being a Christian, is being a Christian in all aspects of your life. Whether it be in business, in school, in your work, in your office, and even in politics. Meaning, Christ-like life should still be seen in all aspects of your life apart from your life in the Church. 

In short, you cannot put a wall between your Christianity and Politics because politics is part of our lives, of our society. However, the main issue here are the morals of politics and how Christians should deal with it. So here are two things that I can share with you.

You are called to hold to Christ’s teachings (John 8:31) The Lord was clear enough of his point. As disciples of the Lord, it is important that we are holding to his teachings. Notice here that the context of the passage is about people questioning Jesus about his testimony, who he is, where he came from. 

Now going back to the teachings of Jesus, we can all agree that the Lord is taught us, that he is the way, the truth and the life in going to heaven; to embrace righteousness; to embrace his words; to embrace love; to embrace truth (we will talk about this one shortly); to be deeply rooted in Christ; to be a witness of the Lord, to share God’s word. 

And here is the problem. When you become a die-hard supporter of a politician, you will embrace that politician’s words, promises, and propaganda. His perspective of political morals will be yours as well no matter how crooked it is. You are already blinded by then and you don’t even know because what you see is righteousness. 

You are called to embrace the truth (John 8:32). As Christians, you are called to embrace the truth. This is what the next verse is telling us, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” The word “then” is the result of the preceding statement which is about holding the Lord’s teachings. 

Perhaps, we can all agree to embrace the truth. And this principle of knowing the truth is applicable even in the political arena. However, when you are a die-hard supporter your perspective of truth becomes what the politician is saying and not what the Bible is saying. The morals that the Bible is teaching becomes tainted because your basis will be what your idol is saying. It’s sad to see even pastors falling into this deception. Even a mature Christian becomes narrow minded and doesn’t even see it coming.  

Final thoughts… never ever make yourselves a slave of politicians. Unfortunately that happens when you become a die-hard supporter. That’s when your sound mind becomes corrupted. You will start to agree with lies and you perceive it as truths. You start to agree with wickedness but you perceive it as righteousness.

Truths of Christianity does not and cannot agree with “Political Die-Hard Supporter”. Becoming a die-hard supporter is idolatry itself in disguise of patriotism. 

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