It’s been almost a week when the issue of SOGIE Bill exploded again. So I decided to get a copy of the SOGIE Bill, and it is actually available from the government server and you can get it from here:

This article will be discussing why say “NO” to SOGIE Bill on the basis of this document.  I will try to deal with it using what it says in the provisions and on the basis of its effects and why one should be concern with it. 

Say No to SOGIE Bill

It promotes persecution of your religious practice, freedom and convictions

Section 4 is the definition of “Discriminatory Practices”

There are many provisions in this Bill that can promote persecution  of your religious practice, freedom and convictions. I won’t be citing here yet these provisions since it also form part of other complications of this bill. Just read on and you will see it. 

For a particular scene, I think many are familiar with some cases in the U.S. where some LGBTQ went to christian owned bakeries and asked them to make a gay wedding cake. Making a cake is a business and is a form of public service. So what happens now is that LGBTQ demanded these Christians to make a cake for them. They know that these are against the religious convictions of the Christians and because of the law similar to our SOGIE, they filed a case against these bakers claiming that they were discriminated. 

It results to “inequality” which is very ironic to its aim which is “equality”. 

Section 4.j “Harassment, coercion, or threats committed by members of institutions involved in the enforcement of the law and the protection of rights of any person on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. Among other cases, prohibited acts under this section include arresting or placing under custody, and subjecting a person to extortion, physical, verbal abuse, or sexual abuse, regardless of whether such arrest has legal or factual basis. Harassment, coercion, or threat of juridical persons on the basis of the sexual orientation or gender identity or expression of their members, stockholders, benefactors, clients or patrons is likewise covered by this provision

While this provision sounds right, we have to remember that gays and transgenders (male) does have the strength of men. They may sound like and act like females but their strengths remain the same. How then would you define “physical abuse” when the law enforcers arrests them like they are arresting men? 

Here’s another provision in Section 4.l “Engaging in public speech meant to shame, insult, vilify, or which tends to incite or normalise the commission of discriminatory practices against LGBT’s and which acts or practices in turn, intimidate them or result in the loss of their self-esteem.”

There are many forms of public speech. Pastors, preachers and other religious speakers do public speaking and many of these public speakers are against LGBTQ beliefs.  Are they covered with these provisions too? Secondly, this provision should define what they mean “meant to shame…” in comparison to religious beliefs, faith and convictions. LGBTQ can easily claim that it is meant to shame. 

In contrast, in what we obviously see in many Pride Parades, LGBTQ mocks Christian beliefs. Some even make cross, and even portray Jesus for their purpose which Christians interpret these actions as mockery and shaming our religious beliefs. And now, this law is protecting them but not protecting the Christians. Where is equality to that? 

Section 9. Redress mechanisms for SOGIE-related cases. 

Section 9.A. “Inclusion of SOGIE Concerns in All Police Station Activities and Services. – The Women and Children’s Desks now existing in all police stations shall be renamed as Women, Children and Gender Rights Protection Desk, which shall also act on and attend to complaints/cases covered by this Act. In this regard, police handling said desks shall undergo appropriate trainings with human rights-based approach to include among others gender sensitivity and awareness in proper terminology, dynamics of lesbian gay, bisexual and transgender relationships and hate crimes investigations.” 

Is it not enough that women and children have a special desk? Why include LGBTQ in this desk? What makes them so special and vulnerable? Are they really vulnerable? 

LGBTQ are people who are highly able and they are NOT vulnerable. And therefore does not need a special desk for them. Again, the issue here is “equality”. This provision is in contrast to what “equality” means. 

You should also check Sec.10, 11 and 12. It’s “OVERLY” protecting and promoting LGBTQ even up to the point of using the government.  This will certainly challenge one’s religious convictions, freedoms and other rights in favor of LGBTQ community. 

It endangers your children from abuses of LGBTQ community


Section 4.h “Denying a person access to or the use of establishments, facilities, utilities, or services, including housing, open to the general public on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression…

This could mean that gays and lesbians can access to both male and female comfort rooms of their choice. The problem is, this can also be a loophole for non-LGBT to act like one to have the same privileges on the basis and protection of the discriminatory provision of this law. 

We should also not forget that our children uses the same comfort rooms. Would you like a gay having an access to a female comfort rooms? Or worse, access of pedophiles in disguise of being a homosexual and falling under LGBTQ?  The thing is, one can never know of who’s who especially if one claims to belong to LGBTQ community. 

We have to remember why there are two main comfort rooms, and that’s to prevent any form of abuse. Cross-using these comfort rooms does create a bigger problem.  

Ok, create extra comfort room that can be used by LGBTQ. But please don’t compel the parents to allow their children to be open for abuse.

It penalises you for your right as a parent to impart to your children what you believe to be moral and acceptable on the basis of your faith and religious practices

Section 4.o “Preventing a child under parental authority, custody, or guardianship from exhibiting or expressing one’s sexual orientation or gender identity; or manifesting rejection of such child’s sexual orientation or gender identity or expression by inflicting or threatening to inflict bodily or physical harm against the child or by causing mental or emotional suffering of the child through intimidation, harassment, public ridicule or humiliations, repeated verbal abuse, or other similar means, or in general, commit any act or omission prejudicial to the welfare and interest of the child as a result of the bias against the sexual orientation or gender identity of the child.” 

This provision actually prohibit the parents to teach their children on what they believe to be morally right. This means that this bill is imposing to parents to teach their children that homosexuality is morally acceptable which is completely the opposite of most people’s religious practices, both Christians and Muslims alike. We have not mentioned yet other major religious groups.

Here’s the thing, major religions around the world including Christians and Muslims identify homosexual practice as immoral. Some Muslim countries even punishes and physically hurt homosexual practitioners. I am not saying that we should do the same, but to dictate on our religious convictions is also a violation of our religious freedom and rights. 

Furthermore, it is moral for parents to teach what they believe is right including their religious convictions and faith. And in most cases, homosexual practice is believed to be immoral and should not be imposed by the State to the parents to teach it to their children. 

It subjects every person even those who do not believe in LGBTQ beliefs to be under re-education

Section 11. “Empowering portrayal of LGBT persons in Media – The positive and empowering portrayal of LGBT by media shall be encouraged to counter existing stereotypes and misconceptions that often lead to discriminatory practices. Towards this end, incentives and awards shall be provided to programs that defend the human rights of LGBT and contribute to the empowerment of the LGBT community and its members.

Not only again is a form of “inequality” but also a form of another enforceable oppression to people who does not believe in LGBTQ teachings. Many people even want media to ban portrayal of homosexual practices and now it is like the government through this law shall encourage it. 

Here’s the thing, many parents does not believe and is against homosexual practice. For many, it is immoral. It’s not being stereotype, or something. It is religious beliefs, conviction and faith practices. This provision is completely in contrast to it. Most Christians and Muslims alike which makes up most of this country are offended morally and spiritually when homosexual practices are taught and impresses on them. 

SOGIE Bill is Anti-Filipino

SOGIE Bill as far as I see it is a “Prelude” to a wider moral degradation of Filipino values and practices. 

Open homosexual practice is not a part of Filipino culture and family values. Such practice is a liberal Western Influence. Should we really accept such practice even if it is against our culture and family values? 

Homosexuality destroys family values. It is anti-moral, anti-progeny, and anti-traditional family. Even until now, EU and US despite of their laws like SOGIE are still in constant debates to whether or not these laws and promotions are helping the US or is pulling down the US to the bottomless pit of moral degradation. 

Do we really need to follow the same path? We are Filipinos, not western.


I think the main question that has to be answered is, “Do we need SOGIE Bill?” My answer is a BIG NO simply because our current laws already provide “EQUAL” rights for all people that includes LGBTQ community. As far as my understanding is concern with SOGIE Bill, what it provides is a “special treatment” for LGBTQ and oppression of those who practices their religious convictions, faith and freedom. 

Secondly, this law ONLY PROTECTS LGBTQ community. It does not mention any protection of those people and children who have been abused and sexual victims of those who belong to this community. 

Third, I want to emphasise that LGBTQ are NOT VULNERABLE people. They are highly capable people and many of them even made big names for themselves. So there is no need of any Bill like this. 

So what should we do then??? As I said, our laws already provide “equal rights”. LGBTQ are also people who deserves to be respected as human beings. They should be treated the same as you would treat like any other people. Enforcement of the law should also be the same for all people and should not be on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender. 

The key is respecting each other and that goes for both sides, LGBTQ or not. We do not need SOGIE Bill. 

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