You Are So Faithful by Bob Fitts is more like a devotional song. For me it sounds like a love song that we usually hear on the radio, but this one is a love song for the Lord.

I was puzzled a little bit though because over the internet, some websites say that the title is “You Still Be Faithful” rather than “You Are So Faithful”. But whatever it is, I would say that God is always and will always be faithful to us. I highly recommend for you to hear this song during your personal devotion.

And another thing, I cannot find the chords of this song over the net. So if there’s anyone among you who know the chords, will appreaciate it much if you can share it with others. Please send a copy of it by emailing me through the contact form (simply click the Contact Us tab at the top)

Title: Bob Fitts – You Are So Faithful lyrics

Artist: Bob Fitts Lyrics

Verse 1:
Like the sun that rises everyday,
You are so faithful. Lord, You are faithful.
Like the rain that You send,
And every breath that I breathe,
You are so faithful, Lord

Verse 2:
Like the rose that comes alive every spring,
You are so faithful. Lord, You are faithful.
Like the life that You give,
to every beat of my heart,
You are so faithful, Lord.

I see the cross and the price You had to pay,
I see the blood that washed my sins away.

In the midst of the storm
through the wind and the waves,
You’ll still be faithful, You’ll still be faithful,
When the stars refuse to shine and time is no more,
You’ll still be faithful,
You’ll still be faithful, Lord.

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