You Stand Alone by Hillsong with Chords and Lyrics a song performed by two great worship leader of Hillsong, Mark Stevens, Steve McPherson, from the album You are my World. This song is about laying ourselves down at the feet of the Lord to worship Him. With Him standing alone, we will worship him on His throne.

You Stand Alone

by Hillsong

Verse 1 :
D                  A
I will lay me down
Bm                    A   G 
At your feet in worship
And listen to the sweetest 

   Gm   D   Asus4-A
sound of all

Verse 2:
D                        A
Oh God you are my God
Bm                      A       G
How my heart it longs for you
I’m thirsty for your 

       Gm       D      Asus4-A 
presence in my world
     G                         A     
I cry out night and day for more
       G                           A       
To hold the majesty of you

       Bm                    A
My God you stand alone
    G                          D
I worship at your throne
          Bm          A                 
I will look to see Your power 

        G       D 
and glory
Em             Asus4-A
Jesus lord of all
Em             Asus4-A
Jesus lord of all 

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