Scripture read: Exodus 11
Focus verse:
But there won’t be any need for the Israelites to cry. Things will be
so quiet that not even a dog will be heard barking. Then you Egyptians
will know that the LORD is good to the Israelites, even while he
punishes you.
Exodus 11:7

1. By the blood of Jesus, His favor rests on me. No curse can affect
me! I can come to God anytime. Though He disciplines me, His love and
grace are always with me.
2. God will punish those who wish to prevent me from walking in my purpose.
3. Silence is not the absence of God. It is the presence of His peace.
While there is turmoil and confusion in many places, God’s
faithfulness gives me peace. He will finish what He has started in me.
4. His delight is upon me because i am a work in progress. A painter’s
favorite painting is the one he is working on right now, the one he
works on everyday! I am God’s favorite.

My rest is in You Lord. You are my peace. I can hide myself in You. ü

-by Mike Albano

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